Magicka 2 – Things Game Never Tells You

Magicks, trials, beam bombs, unlocks and more.

Things You Should to Know


  1. The only way to not take damage from Furious Fowl is Disruptor magick or invincibility bug,

It will always hurt your friends without these.

  1. When Guardian magick ends it will revive last dead player. It won’t revive a pet tho.

This way you can res. your friends in challanges that don’t allow revive magick and also yourself even if your pet is dead.

  1. One of Scroll Magick RNG effects is revive.

This way you can res. your pet in challanges that don’t allow revive magick.

  1. In few of Trials you can unlock new magicks, 1 of them allows you to create beam bombs on your own.

One of DLCs also unlocks those magicks right away.

  1. There are 5 types of beam bombs:
  • Death – has most range, pretty sure you can only do it in prologue and 1st chapter if you play fresh and solo.
  • Steam – feskar robe can tank it on normal mode, so I guess it’s meta in a way.
  • Poison – first that you can do with help of enemies.
  • Ice – the only physical damage bomb, I think it bugs sometimes and armor will not always protect you from it.
  • Lightning – the only bomb you can’t do with just enemy beams.
  1. If you want to 100% the game you have to play beginning of 4th chapter on multiplayer.

There is the only multiplayer exclusive.

Written by Battle Pass

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