Maniac – How to Unlock All Characters

This guide is for players who just want all the characters and progress as them without going around the map looking for the requirements.

Guide to Unlock All Characters

All credit goes to Maxine!

Step 1: Go to the gamefiles

Go to the gamefiles and locate “playerprefs.ini” then open the file in notepad.

Step 2: Find the character unlocked value and change it to 1

Inside the playerprefs.ini file, the unlocks are a value that are labeled with “data-stat” along with the requirement name. Change these values from 0 to 1 in the playerprefs.ini.


If you’re having trouble finding them in the file you can use the notepad find feature and searching for “unlocked” or search the whole value.

Step 3: Open the game

The characters that you wanted to unlock should be unlocked now. Have fun playing as the character you want!

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  1. You can just spawn a bunch of the things you need then a tank to help kill in the map editor

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