Milk Outside a Bag of Milk Outside a Bag of Milk – 100% Full Achievement Walkthough

Complete Achievements Guide

“First death”, “Please, forget it”, “Second death”

By completing the achievement “Second death” you will automatically complete all three achievements.

  1. Choose “That’s the thing. I have no idea. This is weird.” (After you ask what she was thinking while lying on the floor) and do as usual.
  • “First death” complete
  1. Once you press on the laptop she give a small story about it. At some point you will be given two options. You have to press the second one (“You’ll end up returning to that subject anyway”.).
  • “Please, forget it” complete
  1. After all this, make her go to the balcony. (if there was no first death, the achievement will not be given to you)
  • “Second death” complete

“You’re annoying”

  • So once you press on the school bag you’ll have a small conversation about her school. At some point you’ll ask her if she remembers her last day.
  • Once she finishes explaining what happened on the last day you’ll have the option to ask her again.

Once shes finishes for a second time you’ll again have the option to ask her. You eventually get the achievment if you continue asking her.

  • “You’re annoying” complete!


  • Sleep first time (Complete 1 of 5 endings).

Translates like “Control yourself” one of Delphic maxims.

“Is anyone there?”

  • Code: 4 + V

I use: Laptop (with story), Pills, Bag, Note. Jump from Balcony.

“I look down”

  • Code: 4 – 0 or 4 + 1 – 0 or 3 – 0

I use: Laptop (without story), Pills, Note. Without Balcony.

“Everything is fine”

  • Code: All Interactions without Secret collectable (next “SC”. Check “P.S.”) – 0 (no balcony).

“Are we friends?”

  • Code: 3 + 1 + SC – 0 or 3 + SC – X

I use: laptop (without story), Pills, Note, Dead green on shelf, Secret Collectable. Without Balcony.

“You won’t get it”

  • Code: 3 – X or 3 + SC – X or 3 + 1 – X

I use: laptop (without story), Pills, Note. Balcony (without jump).


What’s “Code”?

“Code” it is how many fireflies you need to catch and how many times interact with farniture without any of them.

Example of “Code”: 4 + 1 – X

  • 4 – fireflies.
  • 1 – without fireflies.
  • 0 – no balcony scene.
  • X – balcony scene without death.
  • V – second death (“Second death” achievement).

How I tested – first dead not count, but recomend to do it without first death scene. Order is not important, and you can change the backpack (bag) for a notebook or a notebook for pills.

I will be glad if you suggest in the comments more code options that are not in the guide


In game has some kind of “Secret Collectable” (SC). I don’t know why it’s here, but I also inserted it where I could (I think it is not count or count like no firefly interact but left everything as it is.).

Interesting notes


QR code (“thank you but you will never find me”)

(Yellow markers – ferniture with fireflies)

For what this stuff? Cuted boxes? Why OST is 4 hours?

I spent 5 hours looking for all the “codes”.

There are many of them and they depend on what.

But I found all the endings by brute force.


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  1. “Are We Friends” does not collect all the fireflies – I just completed all the conditions from the guide, eventually collecting only three (a laptop without a story, tablets and a notebook) and passing without dying. According to my results, it is only important to find a card – the rest does not matter.

  2. “Someone there?” – without the first death, a laptop (with the deceased). 3-4 fireflies, go to the balcony (and jump).
    “Looking down” – no first death, 3-4 fireflies, no placement on the balcony.
    “It’s OK” – no first death, all 5 fireflies. The history of the laptop and access to the balcony has no prospects.
    “We are friends?” – without the first death, find “something” (pizzeria card), 3-5 fireflies.
    “You won’t get” – with the first death: 3-5 fireflies; without death: 3-4 fireflies, exit to the balcony (no jump).

  3. About the order of finding items.
    The laptop story triggers a fall from a balcony (and a second death). In this case, the heroine will simply leave with him.
    “We are friends?” in any case, if there was no first death.
    The remaining objects and their order in nature have no properties.

  4. hey! great guide thanks 🙂 got the are we friends achievement without ” Dead green on shelf ” if u wanna add that this one is optional for that achievement in ur guide

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