Mirror 2: Project X – Basic Guide

Here you can find some basic info about actually version of the Mirror 2: Project X game.

Guide to Basics

All credit goes to BakaNeko!


  • Developer: KAGAMI WORKs
  • Publisher: NIJICO
  • Platform: Microsoft Windows
  • Genres: Indie game, Early Access, Adventure
  • Released : Jan 20, 2022

Physical Assessment’s Guide

Unlike the previous version, you can start your progress through “FlowChart” directly.

Without DLC’s Costume “ON”

With DLC’s Costume “ON”

At the moment, there are just either “PERFECT” or “BAD” for your timing.

You will get a “BAD” if point outside of the circle or anywhere of the screen which didn’t hit the specific area with either Mouse’s L/R (unlike those “Project Diva” game you have played before, which you just need to mash the button with sequences and timing without pointing to the specific area).

As long as you are able to click in time within the specific area whether its inside the circle or near the heart shape, you will get a “PERFECT”.

There is no sequence as to click the earliest that appeared first, you can just click whichever you like as long as you are able to get them all “PERFECT”

Scored an “S”.

Costume in “Visual Acuity Test”, “Balance Test” & “IQ Test”.

Costume in “Dental Checkup”, “Response Time Check” & “Tissue Check”.


Strengthen Gem

My Gem’s Order (You may have your own build/order this is just served as a reference)

Note: I will just “MAXED” or prioritize the 2nd Gem & 3rd Gem first and add a bit to the 1st Gem along the progress.

Skill Sets

Change Skill Sets?


Change Items?

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