Mist Survival – Complete Map (5.X)

A comprehensive annotated in-game map for Mist Survival 5.x

The Map

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  • The roads into and around town are paved (the in-game map incorrectly displays them as dirt roads).
  • The structure shown on the in-game map in grid O14 does not currently exist (but the backpack does).
  • Human hostages (Scott, Rachel, Jiyeon) are located randomly in various bandit camps per new game. Leo (dog) is always located at the sniper tower bandit camp.
  • Some vehicles always spawn as SUVs and some always spawn as pickup trucks. Others randomly spawn as one or the other.
  • The player spawn location at grid J19 is a cabin. It does not always spawn per new game. If it does spawn, then the base location tent at grid L21 will not spawn.
  • Crop seeds respawn but seem to always respawn as the same type as they originally were.
  • There is nothing currently at the end of the road in grid B27. Currently, the end of the road in grid L9 has a void which takes you out of the map if you pass through it.
  • Even though it seems to be set up as a bandit base, the mountaintop transformer station at grid P26 does not currently spawn bandits.

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