Mists of Aiden – 100% Full Achievement Guide

How to Obtain All Achievements

Story Achievements

There are gonna be 7 achievements for just going through the game normally.

Be prepared

  • Finish the prologue.

Scent of Meat

  • Finish chapter 1.

A picture to remember

  • Finish chapter 2.

Whisper of another world

  • Finish chapter 3.

Price of a mistake

  • Finish chapter 4.

Last page

  • Finish the game.

First time doesn’t count

  • Die.

Hidden Achievements

One of the hidden achievements is gotten in chapter 2 when you get the camera. You got to take a picture of the black canvas or pictures of the people on the walls. You’ll know when you got the pic when the pic changes to a creepy version.

Layers of meaning

  • Take 10 pictures of the paintings on the walls.

Now there are 2 hidden achievements which are based on which choice you choose at the end. So to get the both, you just have to load the game again and choose the other choice

Family matter

  • Click on the door to leave.


  • Click on the book you are writing instead of leaving.

There is one last hidden achievements which you have to do at the very beginning when you start chapter 1.

Common sense

  • Instead of going through the gate to the mansion when you get out your car, go behind you and just leave. You’ll get a little dialogue from the guy in the earpiece but just keep going.

I hope this helped you trying to get all the achievements.

Written by Sashi

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