Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate – GS Weapon and Armor Progression Guide

Progression Guide to GS Weapon and Armor

Low Rank

Weapon and Armour Progression

Caravan LevelWeapon(s)Armor
2Iron Sword to Buster SwordFull velociprey armor
3Santoku ReaverPut attack jewel 1’s into the armor to get Attack up M
5Funayaki Reaver
5Tiger JawbladeAuXL mixed set (see below)

Note: Torso up refers to a type of armor piece which has the torso up effect.

High Rank

Weapon and Armour Progression

Caravan LevelWeapon(s)Armor
7Red PincerHR set 1 (see below for details)
8HR set 2
9Cheda BladeHR set 3 (optional)
10Cheda Blade+

You should have a 2 slot tali by caravan 7. If you don’t then get a gathering set and then hit some nodes in a high rank area until it drops.

HR Set 1

To get diablos parts, you need to trade Brachydios parts with the wycoon. To unlock the trade, you need to complete a quest chain after beating the quest Heaven’s Wheel. The quest chain is as follows:

Advanced: Miner Issues > Advanced: Predator Into Prey > Whole Lava Love > Advanced: Dragon’s Din

HR Set 2

You should have a 3 slot tali by caravan 8. If you don’t then get a gathering set and then hit some nodes in a high rank area (volcanic mine, frozen seaway and dunes (night)) until it drops.

When HR Dah’ren Mohran is unlocked, replace some of the charger jewel 1’s with 3’s so that constitution-1 is removed. The set will have slow sharpening as well but it doesn’t matter much for gs.

HR Set 3

Main advantage of this set over HR set 2 is the defense, attack up s is significant as well.

Gathering Hall High Rank should be fairly trivial even solo with the weapon and set you have now. 

At HR 7 Caravan 10 

Note: You need to complete Advanced: Dragon Attack to unlock the ability to trade for Lagiacrus parts with the wycoon. The leg armor’s name also changes depending on the gender of the character. Males get Aelucanth Crura and females get Rhopessa Thorax.

G Rank

Weapon Progression

Gathering Hall LevelWeaponArmor
G1Seditious Cleaver
G2Make your own mixed set

Continue to use seregios line, the rare 9 upgrade is available at G1 urgent. Exemplar blade is an alright stop gap if you need a power boost to muscle through G1. Hermitaur GS is better than exemplar if you are willing/able to fight hermitaur.

Honorable mentions are Cera Cymmetry and Commemoration Sword, both are stronger than the rare 9 seregios GS. Cera needs sharpness+1 and the Commemoration sword benefits heavily from it. Both are available at g2. Use these if you want a power boost but they will not be used in G special. 

Mixed Set Searching and Charm Farming

At G2 you should make your own mixed set, if you lack the charms you now have one of the best charm farming methods available to you:

Skills to get for sure are Focus, Critical draw and sharpness+1 if needed. After these two skills, aim for the following skills: Weakness exploit, Earplugs, attack up, tremor res, quick sheath.

I hope you found this useful. Wishing you luck!

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