Monstrum – Bait ‘N’ Switch Achievement Guide

This guide will show you how to unlock the bugged Bait N Switch Achivement for Monstrum.

How to Obtain Bait ‘N’ Switch Achievement


The Bait N Switch Achievement for Monstrum is something I’ve seen people struggling with, myself included, to actually activate and get completed.

Normally you have to lure the Hunter out of an egg sac with an item to get the achievement but this rarely, maybe even never, works.

This guide will show you how I completed the achievement after much testing. I cannot 100% guarantee it will work for you but if you haven’t got the achievement and have tried, you may try this guide instead. Hope it helps you as I didn’t find any guide about this issue online.

How to Get It

  1. Have the Hunter as your random monster.
  2. Get the egg timer.
  3. Make the Hunter spawn or chase you and wait until he disappears.
  4. Keep moving around, entering rooms and closing doors, to make egg sacs spawn.
  5. When you find two egg sacs relatively close to each other, activate the egg timer, hold down right-click for 2 seconds and throw it near the egg sac (don’t move too close to it).
  6. The moment the egg timer lands on the floor, the Hunter should spawn from one of the nearby egg sacs and you get the achievement! Note that the Hunter should spawn by the impact of the egg timer and not when it goes off and makes a ringing noise.

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