Moon – How to Actually Win The Fishing Contest (Love Doesn’t Have to Be Painful)

Tips on how to catch five fish and win the fishing contest (the most frustrating part of the game)!

You Will Need a Chef as Your Hypeman

If you’re like me and like most Moon players, you absolutely are dreading Gamakatsu’s fishing contest. Maybe you’re at level 29 with 1 love needed to 100% complete the game (like I was).

Odds are, you’re considering giving up, carrying on to the end of the game without it and forgetting the achievement, maybe you’re fighting the urge to break something because you’ve wasted so much time trying to win a damn fishing contest. I’m going to help alleviate your frustration and get you that achievement, as this trick makes catching the five fish needed under the time limit easy.

  1. Before we start, make sure you’ve purchased an Octolips from the guy in the cave near Tropical Fields. Also, make sure you have plenty of fishing bait (kirikiri bugs). I’d say around 10 should be a safe bet. It’s not a bad idea to make sure you have a decent amount of money on you as well.
  2. Since Gamakatsu holds the contest every Solarday, make certain that you go to bed during the daytime on Echoday. Try to time it so that you wake up later on in the night of Echoday.
  3. Once you wake up, hurry over to the Wildcat House Restaurant (the area past where the Birdman sits with his guitar).
  4. Upon arriving at Wildcat, immediately talk to Clis, when she asks you what you’d like to eat, order the KIRIKIRI BUG SAUTEE for 300 yenom. The chef, Kenji, will hint that this meal can improve your fishing skills and is a favorite of Gamakatsu. He’s absolutely correct by the way.
  5. Once you’re done eating, walk out of the restaurant and immediately eat the Octolips you bought beforehand. This will save you time getting to the contest. The Octolips will spawn you back at your house, use the flower (Pistil) to warp you to Tropical Fields, and book it as fast as you can to the contest area at Shellwhale Cove!
  6. After entering the contest, you’ll find that you’re not catching junk anymore and you’re able to catch several fish in no time at all. Remember, you need FIVE fish to get Gamakatsu’s love, but this should be no problem thanks to the sautee.
  7. Finally, after catching five fish and winning the contest, Gamakatsu will give you 1 love (I know, ridiculous) and 250 yenom.

This method has always worked for me and has helped me pass this part of the game with so much ease several times.

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  1. if anyone else is playing Moon and checking this guide… the Kirikiri Bug Salad !! DOES NOT STOP YOU FROM FISHING UP TRASH !!
    all 3 times I’ve eaten the salad it did NOT increase my bite rate. To add: I fished up 1 piece of trash the first time, and my first two catches the last 2 tries were trash.

  2. Yeah, I already figured, got to do both get the 5th part and have both Clis’s love events, and thankfully she was there in time for Solarday :cupup::cuphead:

    Didn’t help at all because I still caught 2 cans…

  3. Issue: I got the 4 parts of the rocket before getting in the restaurant and that triggered the Hero event, now it doesn’t seem like anyone is willing to serve any food to me
    Do I really need to waste another week for this after finding the 5th rocket part?

    • That is a story event where the Hero goes to the restaurant and becomes a nuisance. There should be details on how to get past that part in a full guide to the game. I can’t exactly remember the solution (it might be just waiting), but you can’t order any food until the Hero leaves.

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