My Child Lebensborn – Basic Gameplay Tips

This is a guide to the My Child Lebensborn game.

Tips to Gameplay


These tips will work for both the steam version and the versions on mobile. Please enjoy and I hope this helps.

When you start the game you are given the option to adopt Klaus or Karin, gameplay is exactly the same no matter which child you choose. The only difference between Klaus and Karin is what they look like, and what hairstyles/outfits are available for them. Good news for trans and non-binary players, the player character is not gendered in any way and is only referred to as a parent, not as a mother or father.


On some mornings you will receive mail, letters from people surrounding your child, or newspapers. The letters must be read that same day, but the newspapers are inconsequential and just add flavor text and historical context to the story. You can also send letters, you will be automatically guided when writing all letters. You can write your child’s mother, their aunt, their father, the local religious leader, the factory, and the school.


You must feed your child on a semi-regular basis or the child WILL eventually run away leading to an instant game over. Food can be found in the forest, fished for, or bought with money from the factory job. It is not necessary to purchase any of the more expensive foods, the child will complains about the oatmeal if it is served too often, but this will not cause an end game. Cooking all the different foods results in steam achievements. The more expensive foods will make the child happier, or fill the hunger bar faster, but not enough to be a massive difference. Making food with the child fills the child’s affection bar, and fills time nicely when the child does not return home on time. Fishing and gathering often results in a couple steam achievements.


You can wash the child’s face once a day for a slight boost to their cleanliness stat without using a time slot. You can also change the child’s hairstyle once you have purchased the comb. Baths will quickly fill the child. There is a point in game play where the child will refuse to be bathed, the child will still allow you to wash their face. You can also change the child’s clothes for a small cleanliness boost.


The child will regularly ask to play at which time you can choose between drawing, going outside, playing hide and seek, or playing ball. These activities are technically pointless as the child’s affection stat can be filled by petting their head. But your game experience will be fairly hollow if you never do any of these activities. Playing ball with the child 30 times results in a steam achievement.


The child will often give you the option to read to them. This will give them an affection boost. You do not have to, not doing so for the entire game will result in an achievement. Turn off the light by the child’s bed to end the day.


Monday through Friday you’ll need to send your child to school and go to work. You’ll receive $70 for a workday. You can sometimes work overtime which gives you a small extra amount of money. This will result in your child’s stats taking a hit and use up the rest of your time for the day. Your child may ask not to go to school, and you’ll be able to skip work without penalty if asked to by your child. On Saturday, your child does not have school, on Sunday you do not have work and your child does not have school. Sunday is the only day you can access the forest and pond.

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