Nobody Saves the World – How to Complete Slug Tear Burst Quest

In this guide you can find some useful info that helps to complete Slug Tear Burst quest in the Nobody Saves the World game.

Slug Tear Burst Quest Guide


To complete this quest you have to hit the same enemy 20 times.

How-To (Tips)

Has to continually hit 20 times in a row on the same enemy and not missing, aka holding down the button the entire time.

Keep an eye on the quest tracker on the left to see it going up or not.

Also, it has to hit, so if the mob is warded you need to remove that first.

It’s easier to get the Slug 20 burst quest done earlier, because once you buy damage upgrades this becomes harder.

Another option is enemies with barriers if you get too strong. They won’t die but you can hit them (you can gain mana from hitting them).

In List

  1. In a single tear burst, 20 shots must consecutively hit 1 target.
  2. The count is dropped / reset the moment you hit another enemy within the tear burst duration. It’s best to isolate an elite (crowned) enemy from a pack (e.g. eliminate all of the weak enemies first) in your attempt.
  3. Do not miss / whiff any tears. The count is reset the moment you whiff a single shot during the burst.

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