One Punch Man: World – Memory Farming Tips

Guide to Memory Farming

Boss Rate-UP Drops

  • Vaccine Man (Penetration Eye & Mind Reader) For Crit Units.
  • Carnage Kabuto (Impassion & Mind Reader) For Crit Units.
  • Pluto (Impassion & Resolute Attack) For Neg Crit Units.
  • Lord of Mountains (Raid Break & Penetration Eye) For Raid-Break Units.

Reforging Tips

If you get a memory from vaccine man there would be a 15% Chance that one of the affixes would be Penetration Eye or an additional 15% chance it would be Mind Reader

While it is quite likely to get one of the 2 affixes on the memory chip Example: (Resolute Survival + Mind Reader Combo) When you reforge the resolute survival out The chances to get Penetration Eye is higher since its a vaccine man memory chip.

This is still a theory but I assume the 15% chance for Penetration Eye to be obtained from reforging per rerolled slot.

Conclusion try target reforging on specific chips that has the rate-up that you are chasing.

Merging Tips

Dont do it, its a waste of credits since it has no rate up, wait for catalyst which most likely will have the rate up feature.

If you still wana do Merging may RNGsus be with you.

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