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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you going to skip 0.35 and go straight to 0.40?

  • Yep! We will enter play test on Steam in 0.40.

Please note that play test is not early access: the game won’t be purchasable directly from Steam before we finish conducting the test.

We will try to add as many patrons as possible to the beta test, but due to a possibility of limited steam keys, we might have to choose a random amount of patrons.

Does the fact the characters are androids actually come into play at all? Chassis damage, exposed wiring? Reprogramming? Or are they just effectively fancy humans?

  • Some characters like Yanshi and Juzi’s arms and legs can be removed in human fleshlight scenes. Other than that they are practically bionics with a positronic brain.

When is Galatea coming?

  • Galatea will be added after play test ends (if Steam is ok with her) Though it may happen during play test, depending.

Where can I read up on the story? Also what direction will the gameplay take?

  • We will unveil more lore as locations and characters are introduced.

Currently we are working on a training level with Alet and a few blackwood mercenaries sparring in a combat drill, Alet is being careless (again) and beat the mercenaries into hospital.

The training level is kind of a short lighthearted comedy where you see Alet send people flying while apologizing non stop.

To put it briefly, the gameplay is a combination of into the breach, gears tactics and slay the spire.

Will the campaign mode be available in VR or will it be just limited to Gallery mode?

  • Campaign is desktop only.

I’m concerned that because of the Steam launch some features of the game will be cut, such as Non-con and characters that wont fit because of steam guidelines. Is there a cutoff where if too much of the core game will be lost due to censorship the steam release wont go ahead?

We will try to rephrase things and keep as much as possible in the steam version.

How many playable female characters have you planned?

  • Ombra: yes

Will I be locked out of content/certain animations/costumes/available characters if I don’t play the campaign?

  • There’ll be costumes unlocked after beating the campaign, but if you ain’t interested in non sex gameplay you can use likes to unlock them in the harem mode.

What are the minimal and recommended hardware requirements for Operation Lovecraft?


  • 970+
  • 16GB+
  • i5+

Do you plan on releasing this Game on platforms other than Steam?

  • Platforms that prohibit NSFW content such as the Epic game store are obviously not considered. That may change in the future but it’s unlikely. Besides that, options such as DLsite and an offer from GOG are kept open, but Steam is the focus point.

Where do I find my claimed costumes?

  • You don’t. Yet. They will be in the game when harem mode has been released, so they can’t currently be used yet. A few will be included in the play test.

Why can’t I play the game? When I click the button it loads infinitely.

  • Only the gallery mode is playable at the moment. Harem mode will be unlcoked sunday.

Why can’t I claim a pack / vote in the polls?

  • You have to be an active patron to be able to do both. For voting, your voting power is equal to the pledge amount of your active pledge.

When is the release date for the game?

  • A precise date is unknown for now. Please be patient as we’ll soon enter play testing. After this we’ll have two phases of two months of testing.

When is the play test?

  • We will commence sunday.

I missed a time-exclusive reward, can I still get it if I ask?

  • No. The time-exclusive are what they are, time-exclusive. If you missed them, then there’s nothing we can do for you. Don’t be afraid though. All costumes will eventually be unlockable through in-game currency (Which can only be earned ingame, not paid for).

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