Peglin – 100% Full Achievement Guide

In this guide I aim to explain how to get all the achievements in the game, and try to provide different strategies that could help you with the more trickier ones. Let’s begin!

How to Obtain All Achievements

Basic Information

I’ve separated the achievements in this game into three categories:

  • Boss Achievements: Achievements that just relate to beating in-game bosses.
  • Miscellaneous Achievements: Achievements related to a variety of different scenarios.
  • Tricky Achievements: Achievements that require a little more preparation, sometimes over an entire run.

Hopefully these categories will make it easier to find the specific achievement you’re looking for.

Boss Achievements

These achievements are simply related to defeating a specific boss in the game. There are two possible bosses for the first act, two for the second act, and then the final boss which is always the same.

First Act Bosses:

Holey Moley!

  • Defeat the Mole Boss

End Of The Slime

  • Defeat the Slime Boss

Second Act Bosses:

Siege No More

  • Defeat the Ballista Boss

All In All

  • Defeat the Wall Boss

Third Act Boss:

Won’t Get Ruined Again

  • Defeat the Animated Ruins


These achievements are related to many different scenarios in the game. Most are pretty easy to get, and shouldn’t take more than a few tries to get.

Math is My Passion

  • Deal just enough damage to kill an enemy

It Was Not Your Time

  • Leave an enemy with just one health point

While both of these achievements are easier to get on the first act, I honestly wouldn’t play the game specifically trying to get them. Odds are you already have both of these, and if not they should just happen randomly as you play runs.

I Said Punny, Not Puny

  • Deal exactly one damage

Very easy to do on the first fight with the Daggorb, just open a path on the board where you can hit a single peg and then straight into a hole.

First Come, FIrst Served

  • Defeat any boss on the first turn

There are many ways to achieve this: Bomb builds, Refresh-heavy Matryorbshka builds, even just getting a very good shot with a lvl. 3 Daggorb against the Slime Boss can net you this achievement.

Wood you Kindly?

  • Defeat Avogrado’s Tree before entering the Castle

This achievement is reffering to the big tree on the Mole Boss fight. Just kill it before the mole. It’s important to get some high damage shots on the first two turns, as afterwards whenever the mole goes back to behind the tree it spawns a peashooter plant that can block shots directed at the tree. This also goes without saying, but try to hit the mole with soft balls whenever it’s in front of you.

Don’t Make Us Say It

  • Deal 9000 or more damage in one shot

Sounds like it’s difficult, but can be very easily achieved with a few things. The easiest method to achieve this is have a lvl. 3 Matryorbshka and the Weighted Chip relic. You can get this relic by passing the coin flip event. With both of those things, just get a shot with the Matryorbshka where no orbs go down the x0.5 or x0 holes and you should get way more than 9K damage.

Tricky Achievements

These achievements will require a lot more planning and caution to achieve. I am a taking a calculated risk in mentioning this on this guide, but the game basically has built-in save scumming given how the runs are saved midway through, so if you did not get any required or essential relic/orb, just reset until you do.

Hopefully this doesn’t get patched, and if it does, I am sorry!

Sticks and Stones

  • Die during an event scenario

In theory this is a simple achievement, but can be quite tricky to pull off. The best way to get this (to my understanding) is getting a map in act 1 containing a path with as many question marks as possible, getting to below 10 hp on the first fight, and then hoping you get offered an event that takes 10 hp (or 5 if you are at less than 5).

This can be highly dangerous, as running into a fight with spiders or peashooter plants can end any run that attempts to get this achievement. It’s at the same time simple and very complicated to get, highly luck dependant.

Walking on Pegshells

  • Hit 1000 pegs or more in one shot

Firstly, you don’t have to clear a thousand pegs, just hit them. this means that not only can you use something like Gift That Keeps On Giving for durable pegs, you can also use Refreshing Punch/Gunpowder to hit tons of pegs at the same time.

Anyways, the consistent way to get this achievement involves a build that looks like this:

  • Orbs: Either a Refreshorb or a lvl. 3 Matryorbshka
  • Necessary Relics: Gift that Keeps on Giving, Electropegnet, Extra refresh relics (Fresh Bandana, PegBag)
  • Useful relics: Heavy Shaft Potion, Gunpowder + Short Fuse, Refreshing Punch, Matryoshka Shell

With those relics and the Matryorbshka, all you need is a map with tons of pegs in it (ideally where some of them move up, but not necessarily) and a good enough shot. Gift That Keeps On Giving is essential here since it not only makes each peg potentially give 3 hits before clearing, it also helps the orbs reach other pegs.

The Electropegnet helps you initially seek the refresh pegs, which will be especially good if you have Refreshing Punch. Having as many refresh pegs as you can is essential to accomplish this. Gunpowder can make the bombs extra useful. If you don’t have any relics that change base values (or add extra unnecessary damage), you’ll know you got enough pegs if the Matryorbshka reaches 1000 damage (or 2000 on a crit). The Matryoshka Shell can be a bit overkill, plus you can’t see the damage numbers to know if you hit enough pegs or not before you launch the attack.

This can be done with a Refreshorb on a map that constantly moves (like the Hand Wall map), but that sounds less consistent than the Matryorbshka.

I got this achievement on the Purple Mirror event in act 3, but this can also easily be done on this invisible event:

Spring Cleaning

  • Fully clear a pegboard

You get this by hitting every peg in any board (including bombs) at least once. You’ll know you got it if in the the navigation screen after a battle there are no more pegs left. The same setup for Walking on Pegshells will work for this one, but you have to use the lvl. 3 Matryorbshka.

Red Slime Green Slime

  • Bramble an enemy for six turns in a row

This one’s a doozy. A few things need to happen for you to get this achievement, all very much luck dependant. You need one of these scenarios in your run:

  • Get at least three Bramballs
  • Get two lvl. 3 Bramballs
  • Get a lvl. 3 Bramball and Ring of Reuse (Best method)

Not only do you need those things to happen, you also need an enemy that’s tanky enough to endure a few hits without dying, since if you kill it the bramble stacks don’t get applied. AND it can’t be a fight with multiple enemies, since enemies will just walk in front of brambled enemies and block further Bramball shots.

Without the Ring of Reuse, you either need to get 3 lvl. 1/2 Bramballs in a row against en enemy like an elite or 2 lvl. 3 Bramballs in a row. You can also hope to get a single lvl. 3 Bramball back to back after a reload, but that’s rare. With the Ring of Reuse, it’s a simple matter of getting 2 weak shots on an elite so that it gets the stacks or bramble.

At this time I don’t know if you need to wait the 6 turns to go by to get the achievement, or if you just have to apply enough stacks at the same time to get it. I will update this whenever I get this achievement.

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