Plains of Pain – Quick Start Guide

A short overview of what is good to know for better orientation in the game. Recommended strategies for playing the game for beginners.

Good to Know

There are many equipment in the game like waist bags, backpacks, chest armors, shoulder armors, melee weapons, guns, hats, helmets.. how you get it is only up to you.

You have two persistent piece of gear: jacket and pants. They are never dropped when you die. Keep it in mind, when you manage your inventory.

A waist bag and a small backpack are the basis for easier survival, because you can hide, for example, a crossbow or another long weapon in the backpack. Obtain them as soon as possible.

Every random spawn in your environment generates specific things, if you pay attention you will quickly learn to recognize them.

At the beginning, we recommend building a rock stash (small storage) somewhere near the traders, where you can store things for later use.

Listen to NPCs, they can tell you an useful information.

When you feel lost, check the map (or activate mini-map).

You should look at Controls (in Main Menu), to know how to control your game character. And you should definitely check Tutorial Guide sections. It’s really helpful.

Spoiler! On one of the tallest towers in Lost Wings City is a blueprint that unlocks two essential items: a camp fire and a mattress. Thanks to the mattress, you can set your own spawn point, where you will appear when you die.

Recommend Strategies How to Start

A Way of a Trader

Once you are in the world, head towards the nearest traders. In the starting location, for example, this is the city of Lost Wings, where there are many different traders.
Along the way, collect everything you find, exploring random spawns. When you reach the traders, sell everything you can to them. See which items the merchants offer you the most rust nuts for, and focus on those on your next trip into the wasteland.

This way of trading can quickly work your way up to better gear that you can buy from traders.

A Way of a Crafter

As soon as you appear in the world, start collecting mainly materials for a small or large waist bag and a leather bottle. Once you’ve made it, start gathering materials for a small backpack. The next important survival item is a crossbow, which you can conveniently store in your backpack. In the same way, you can craft items and sell them to traders. Once you have enough food and drink to survive, you can focus on the materials for the first gun, which you can then use to craft other (more effective) guns.

A Way of an Explorer

This might be the harder option because we don’t have too many locations in the world yet. At the beginning, you simply go in any direction and look for new locations where you can find interesting equipment or very rare items. You can even find a vehicle that can be used for quick travel or mobile storage.

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