Pocket Mirror – GoldenerTraum – How to Enter the Secret Room in NG+

A guide to the key locations for Henri’s room in New Game +.

Entering the Secret Room in NG+

Important Note

You must be in New Game+, which is unlocked by beating the game on any normal end.

Key Locations

Fleta’s Library

  • In this section, climb up the ladder to the far right of the library and read the book “A Boy’s Midnight Journey.”
  • When prompted to, choose “Look more into it.”
  • A blue key will be given to you at the end.

Important: Do not choose any other options, or the book will disappear.


A strange door will freshly appear in the right of the hollow. This is where you will go later.

Dusk Cont.

  • Enter the far right room.
  • Climb up the shelf in the back of the room.
  • Take the wax record.
  • Go back to floor 1 and play the wax record in the machine.
  • A blue key will be obtained.

Post Party Storage Room

  • Perform the steps necessary for the normal mirror puzzle.
  • Look to your right.
  • Use your pocket mirror.
  • A shelf will appear.
  • Read the book, which will appear blank. Choose to look more into it again.
  • A blue key will be received.


Return to the Dusk section and use all of your keys on the door. You will enter Henri’s room, which provides some story, an achievement, and charms.

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