POLYGON – How to Play Better

With this guide, you can play much better. The basics of the mechanics of the game, the best positions on the game maps, shooting, weapons, and so on for a more comfortable game.


As often as your k/d exceeds 120/20, I think a smaller percentage of players will answer “often”, since in the experience of my game I noticed that there are always 1-3 people on the server who kill everyone and everything, the rest of the players get fewer kills and, accordingly, experience. This situation leads to a lack of desire to play in both categories of players.

Strong players get tired of not meeting resistance all the time, and weak players get tired of dying at the hands of the strong all the time.

This guide is compiled purely in my personal opinion, style of play, understanding of the game and tactics. I have no goal to offend anyone or impose a style of play.

And so, let’s start with the basics of the theory:

The game has 10 units of the main weapon and 2 units of the secondary.

As well as the division into 4 classes of weapons.

My hierarchy of weapons is from best to worst.

Each automatic weapon has its own “spray”, all weapons have a simplified casual spray up without deviations, the only thing that is different is the time until the recoil stops.

Now about the modules, so that you understand how important they are, I will show the ak12 spray with the best assembly of modules and without.

And now look what will happen if you control the recoil of the same ak12, with and without modules.

No difference, you say, but what if you add straights to the shooting right and left, you don’t stand still when you shoot).

There is a difference, and a significant one

So, we have a high dependence of returns on modules, so I urge you to pump them, BUT not all


In the game we have 3 types of modules, sights, handles and nozzles on the muzzle

And all have their own characteristics that both simplify and complicate your shooting

Each module improves something, but also worsens something, so I will not describe each characteristic separately positively and negatively, general descriptions of characteristics are described below

  • Increases recoil control – improves your spray control, the barrel does not take away so much when shooting in motion
  • Decreases recoil – reduces the recoil, or rather the time until it stops
  • Decreases spread – reduces the spread of bullets and increases the accuracy of shooting
  • Decreases ads-time – reduces the time to enter the scope
  • Decreases draw time – reduces the time it takes to change weapons from the secondary, or after throwing a grenade

The characteristics of mobility have too little effect on the game, so we do not consider it.

In my opinion, at the moment 09.08.23, there is only one variation in the assembly of modules better than the others – this is the muzzle brake hunter and vertical grip, it gives the most comfort from shooting.

Thus, it is necessary to install this assembly on any gun

Now about the sights, they always have 2 characteristics, the multiplicity of magnification is positive, and the increase in the time of entry into the sight is negative

With sights, everything is very simple – everything is in the picture

The M24 is not considered, because it makes no sense to put anything on it except the ELCAN SPECTER and its standard 8X sight, if you are not a professional sniper with a good aim


POLYGON is not a demanding game, but still not everyone has productive PCs, so 2 presets of settings for good PCs and weak PCs.

Low settings:

High settings:

Movement and Bullets

Moving and working from cover is, I think, the most important part of a good game. POLYGON implements the tilt mechanics as in PUBG via the Q and E keys, not using it means losing 50% of your combat potential.

The video is a little unclear, but for your opponent you appear for a split second, it is almost impossible to get into such a player, given that if you shoot at the body, 4 rounds are enough to kill the enemy, then you need to make only 2 such tilts to win a duel with an opponent. Not bad, right?

You need to practice using the tilt of the head and shooting 2-3 rounds to win. It’s not difficult if you practice a little bit – because there is no horizontal recoil in the game.

At the output you should get this:

Here are a few points of advice for you:

  • 1) Do not stand in an open space if there is an enemy ahead
  • 2) Use any shelters except those that are shot through
  • 3) Try to shoot from behind cover, sticking out just a couple of centimeters
  • 4) Use Q and E
  • 5) For fast tactical movement, use bunnyhop, only for tactical, to reach the point faster on a simple SHIFT, because endurance for jumping is spent quickly
  • 6) When shooting, try to squat from time to time, the enemy loses coordination because of this
  • 7) If the enemy is close and knows where you are, go at him already with an open sight.

Now about bullets:

Half of the walls and objects in the game are shot through. Be guided by logic – if in real life it can be shot from an AK-47, then in the game too.

For example: Thin trees, bushes, small stones, thin walls in the house, glass, etc. – all this is shot through, remember this!

Also, sometimes you can use the rebound mechanics in the game, it works on almost every object, mentally draw the angle of the rebound and shoot!

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