Pro Soccer Online – How to Goalie

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Learn how to be a goalie.

Guide to Goalie


Firstly let’s fix a few settings.

You need to have goal keeper catch toggle ON

The second is less important but my preference. Change the toggle to a key that is easy to reach as it will toggle off after you catch a ball and you don’t want to take your hand off your mouse or reconfigure your fingers to re-activate it.

Next is camera settings. I find it’s useful to have more height and distance so you can more easily see the ball in context of the field. Otherwise you won’t know how close or far the ball is. I also like more distance so I can see my position relative to the goal when being approached from the side.

Gameplay Basics

Always have your gloves toggled on (except for the one time which I will tell you about).

This is toggled on

This is toggled off

This automatically saves the ball when it is near you. Without it, everyone will point and laugh at you. This does not work when the X is through the gloves.


Do not stand right on the line. You’ll find yourself with very little room to manoeuvre. Instead, you’ll want to work around in a circle. In front of the goal. This is the closest you should be to the line most of the time.

You should always be protecting the centre of the goal. You create the hardest shots that way.

Avoid Diving at first as it will leave you out of position quite often. Instead, focus on being in the right position. Giving the strikers a hard shot is a good job in of it’s self.


When dealing with the breakaway it helps to be unpredictable. The main thing you want to do is rush and limit the space. See the cone below. It is smaller the closer to the shooter it is. Get close and it’s an easier save. Rarely can you get a reaction save in a breakaway. Instead, you must limit the player’s options and then predict.

You will see this method use by pro goalkeepers. If the attack is coming from one direction, generally you should push. Sometimes you will need to be unpredictable and wait longer. This may make that save harder but it will make it easier and scarier when you push for real.

Support and passing

Most of your teammates will suck. If you’re playing indoor generally kick it far onto the wings. If you’re playing outdoor blast it just short of full power to get it to someone at the half line.

When the ball is on the other half, push up so you can intercept a through ball or be ready for the pass.

Also when kicking the ball turn off your gloves. This is important on goal kicks as you will sometimes get a double touch.

Call for the ball

Hold ‘E’ to call for the ball. Do this when your defender is getting pressured and has no outlet. Just wack it as far as you can and you will have done a good job helping.

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