Project Cars 2 – Definitive Controller Setup Defintion

I have tried everything, and these are my best settings so far after 350+ hours.

Guide to Definitive Controller Setup

Controller Configuration

I have put in so many hours into Forza Horizon and this, and to get the best possible settings to make both games feel similar, I have discovered the below, with some explaining.

I looked at why Forza drives so well, out of the box, for controllers, and mirrored most of these settings, and tested whether or not i need sensitivity – end of story, unless you need EXTRA input, do not use any /high rates of sensitivity.

To simplify, each car still needs to be learnt, but I want to have settings, so that I can go back to every car, set the ‘Stable’ Tune and the car, on default, will let me play properly, and with the least spin outs.

These are the controller configurations to use:

  • Steering Deadzone:100%
  • Steering Sensitivity: 0%
  • Throttle Deadzone: 95%
  • Throttle Sensitvity: 0%
  • Brake Deadzone: 100%
  • Brake Sensitvity: 7%
  • Clutch Deadzone: 10%
  • Clutch Sensitvity:100%

Speed Sensitivity – This is something to modify depending on what you’re driving, I’d say set it on 50% and go up and down from there, for your own base settings.

{Base it from: 50 {fifty} plus your age} Go up if controlling the higher speeds is too out of control for you.

Controller Damping: 100% – Guaranteed to help you easily get in control of all these cars. Go down by 1% in your testing, if it’s not sensitive enough – Use this value first to test , before you use different sensitivities in throttle/brakes/clutch etc..

I am also driving Manually now, like on Forza – Auto Clutch, and it’s been great,

Extra Tips

  • Learning each car, is going to be its own mission alongside the track you’re learning, but one of the best things to do, is use cockpit view, and driver FOV, so that you can see the road ahead of you, and on a familiar level.
  • The bigger your screen is, the better your road view, and feel in the vehicles.
  • The road is best seen from here, rather than a 3rd-person camera of the car.
  • Try learn the best angles to enter corners from, via the bonnet/nose camera.
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