Railroads Online! – Train Tonnage Calculator Guide

Spreadsheet for calculating overall value weight and ability to pull your train.

Guide to Train Tonnage Calculator

Gaining Access

Go to the top left where it says “File” then “Make a copy”.


Using The Calculator

  • White boxes are your inputs.
  • Green boxes are the important output info.

Dead engines indicate you are pulling it but it is not adding power (Only counts weight not tractive effort).

Alive engines as you could probly guess are there to indicate that it is applying power (Counts tractive effort and weight).

Here i have Betsy on a 2% grade with normal physics:

  • 5 Flatcars.
  • 2 Full of Logs.
  • 1 Has 3 Logs.
  • 1 Is Empty.

What the Outputs Mean

  • Current Capacity of train in Lbs.
  • Current wight of train in Lbs.
  • Excess Capacity (negative means you wont pull it (tight corners and other factors affect this too so best to keep a good sized buffer i do around 15000 with 8 cars and i slow down a bit but can still make it)).
  • Total amount of money you will recieve.

Note: i Have not tested the value of each cargo with different difficulties as i believe they are the same.

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