Randal’s Monday – 100% Full Achievement Guide

A fully written guide to unlocking all of the game’s achievements. Set out day by day, in the order that the achievements can/will unlock.

Complete Achievement Walkthrough


This guide is set out day by day.

Unmissable achievements are achievements will be unlocked automatically as you play the game, and do not require any special attention.

Missable achievements are achievements which require specific actions in specific ways in order to unlock them.

There are 10 unmissable achievements in this game, and 11 missable achievements.

The missable achievements can be found on Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 6, and Day 7.

I strongly recommend saving at the start of every day, and not over-riding those saves. There are at least 20 spaces for saved games, accessible via the arrow keys on the right side of the “save/load” menu.

Hints VS No Hints

There is one achievement for completing the game without any hints, and two achievements for using hints.

If you don’t want to do two playthroughs I recommend playing without hints, then reloading a save and using hints to unlock the other two achievements.

Old school

  • Beat the game without using the hints system.

You must finish the entire game without using the hints system.

Please note that I do not know whether simply activating the hint system prevents this achievement from unlocking, but I suspect that it does.


  • Unlock the hints system.

Open your inventory and select the magnifying glass image on the righthand side.
Select yes to unlock the hint system.
You will have to agree three times before it will unlock.

Cat murderer

  • Hit the “kill kitty” button 20 times.

Open your inventory and select the magnifying glass image, this will open the hint journal.
Use the arrow at the bottom of the screen to scroll through current objectives.
At the bottom of the lefthand page will be a button that says “Kill kitty”.
You must click this button 20 times throughout the game in order to unlock this achievement.

Day 1


There are no missable achievements on day 1.


Day 1: A box full of junk and too much free time

  • Complete the prologue.


  • Sell the ring.

This will unlock as part of the puzzle on Day 1.

Day 2


I want no spoilers

  • Beat the puzzle of the Sci-Fi Con sign without the bum’s help.

When you go to the comic store, do not talk to the bum until after you have gotten rid of Charlie the comic book guy, and altered the Sci-Fi Con poster.

The solution is as follows:

  • You can take a dried up marker from the lady at the subway station.
  • Take it to Matt’s apartment and dip it in the mug of strong alcohol in his kitchen to make it work again.
  • Head to the comic book store and speak to Charlie the Comic Book Guy. He mentions a fish allergy.
  • Use your tuna sandwich leftovers on his drink when he bends down behind the counter.
  • After his allergic reaction, take your marker and write on the Sci-Fi Con sign.

Three meals a day

  • Feed the pigeons three times.

The solution is as follows:

  • Talk to the bum in the alley outside of Randal’s apartment building. He will point you back to the bar (Clayton’s Cave) from Sunday night.
  • Take the train to Matt’s apartment, and once the cops have left, take the matches and rat poison from his kitchen.
    • Take the train to Clayton’s Cave, and take the bowl of corn from the table.
  • Go back to Randal’s apartment building and head up the stairs to the roof.
  • There are hungry pigeons on the roof of Randal’s apartment building.
  • Feed the pigeons corn.
    • Then travel to the pawn shop and remove the empty bottle from on top of the gas cylinder. Use matches on the gas cylinder and place the bowl of corn on the base plate above it.
  • You now have popcorn, take it back to Randal’s apartment.
  • Feed the pigeons popcorn.
    • Dust the remaining popcorn with rat poison.
  • Feed the pigeons poisoned popcorn.


Day 2: Excuse me, am I trapped in time already?

  • Complete episode 1.

Day 3


Survival horror lover

  • Beat the puzzle of the drawers and the books on your first try.

Beware that this includes the very start of the puzzle – the log. If you have to use the log twice, you will not get this achievement.

Save right before going into Mortimer’s room in case you make a mistake.

The solution is as follows:

  • Push the log in the fireplace, then quickly open the top drawer before the log moves back into it’s original position.
  • Inside, press the red button, then push in the red, green and blue books in the bookcase – the red book must be pushed in first.
  • Open the middle drawer and press the green button, then push in the red, green and brown books in the book case – the green book must be pushed in second.
  • Open the bottom drawer and press the blue button, then push in the grey, brown, blue and green books in the bookcase – the blue book must be pushed in third.


Day 3: Mortimer’s dungeon

  • Complete episode 2.

Day 4


Lover of The Trilogy

  • You didn’t fail any question in HAL’s game.

The questions change, but the correct answer is always the word that follows “If” in his question. Eg: “If JarJar….. then…?” The answer is “JarJar”.


Day 4: Officer Hicks, give me that ring

  • Complete episode 3.

Day 5


There are no missable achievements on day 5.


Day 5: Till the Magnumatic do us part

  • Complete episode 4.

Day 6


Gort salutes you

  • Tell Bogs the password.

This must be done before convincing the thief to help you, and/or before winning the spitting competition.

The solution is as follows:

  • After meeting “the Sisters” in Hallway A, head into the yard and further right towards the back yard.
  • After taking part in the spitting competition (which you will lose), talk to the salesman sitting on the bench. He will tell you that there is a password they use. He will tell it to you.
  • Go back to Bogs and the Sisters and talk to them. Say the password that you were taught.


  • Beat the hot plate puzzle on your first try.

The solution is as follows:

  • To gain access to the kitchen, you must try to enter and be kicked out by the cook. Head over to Murray and talk to him. He will agree to assign you to the kitchen. Head back to the kitchen and tell the cook that you’re there to help him.
  • Read the instructions on the fridge if you want to try to do this yourself, but this is not necessary for you to succeed.
  • Click to use the hotplate.
  • The hotplate has two green buttons, two blue buttons, and a large red button.

Press these buttons in order:

  • Left green.
  • Right blue.
  • Right green.
  • Left green.
  • Red.

Or for those who are colourblind:

There are four rectangle buttons on the right side, and one round button on the left.

Press the buttons in this order:

  • Rectangle left bottom.
  • Rectangle right top.
  • Rectangle right bottom.
  • Rectangle left bottom.
  • Round button to the left.


  • You made a complete scarecrow.

You need the following items: Prison Uniform, Dry Pumpkin, Sack, Dry Leaves, and Old Remains.
You must not use the Putrefied Sponge on the scarecrow until all other items are placed on it.

The solution is as follows:

  • In the backyard (to the left) there is a neglected garden, with the Old Remains of a scarecrow.
  • You must use the Sack (combined with Dry Leaves), Dry Pumpkin, and Prison Uniform, on the Old Remains before using the Putrefied Sponge on the scarecrow.
  • If you use the Putrefied Sponge before the Prison Uniform, you will be unable to complete the scarecrow “perfectly”.
  • I believe that this achievement unlocks as soon as these items are placed/combined, meaning that you may not need the Putrefied Sponge to get this achievement – although you will need it to complete the puzzle.


Day 6: ‘You smoke? No thanks, I’m trying to quit

  • Complete episode 5.

Day 7


Good friend

  • Beat the final conversation choosing only the correct answers.

Choose any/every option that does not involve go-karts or the carnival.


Day 7: The final barbecue

  • Complete episode 6.

Bad friend

  • Feed the Horsemen.

This will unlock as part of the puzzle on day 7.

It’s over

  • Beat the whole game.

This will unlock right before the credits start rolling.

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