Razortron 2000 – 100% Full Achievement Walkthrough

Let’s drive on this race for achievements!

Complete Achievements Walkthrough

Introduction and Tips

The purpose of the game is that you control a car going through levels and the longer you keep the acceleration button pressed and the more cars you pass, the greater your score will multiply. There are 9 achievements in total, all for unlocking cars through your score, level reached or distance traveled. The only difference between the unlocked cars is the visual.

The way I can recommend to achieve the objectives and unlock all the cars is to start fast and slow down after level 5, avoiding other cars and getting gas along the way. At a lower speed, you can avoid some eliminations by hitting other cars because you can slow down so your car doesn’t explode in the corners. From the three special items, the slow mode is disposable, the turbo helps you get through the first few levels faster, and the invincibility is great, but keep in mind that it avoids collisions with other cars, not the explosions when hitting the corner.

There are three enemy cars that can be distinguished by their size. The midfielder appears first and does not change lanes. The widest one is next and also doesn’t change lanes. Finally, the smallest car that has a higher speed and changes lanes, being therefore the most dangerous. Avoid trying to overtake it on the more closed roads.


Score 4000 or race 10000.

Green Devil

  • Unlock Green Devil

Reach level 3 or race 15000.

The Taurus

  • Unlock The Taurus

Score 8000 or reach level 4.

El Naranjo

  • Unlock El Naranjo

Score 12000 or race 20000.

Neo Storm

  • Unlock Neo Storm

Reach level 6 or race 25000.

Night Rider

  • Unlock Night Rider

Score 20000 or reach level 7.

Speed Demon

  • Unlock Speed Demon

Score 30000 or race 40000.

Turbo Blade

  • Unlock Turbo Blade

Score 50000 or reach level 10.


  • Unlock X-1984

Reach level 15 or race 150000.


  • Unlock Furia

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