Rec Room – Golden Trophy and Crimson Cauldron AI Behaviors

A run down of what Golden Trophy and Crimson Cauldron do in the game.

Golden Trophy and Crimson Cauldron

Melee Goblin

They chase a random player on spawn. They’re pretty stupid and their only attack in repeatedly swinging their sword. If you’re tall enough, they won’t even kill you. In short, they just chase you. They change targets depending on who stuns them.

Ranged Imp

These guys are annoying. They fly around and shoot at the first target they see. If you have a shield, you can defend yourself against their fireballs. They aren’t the brightest so as long as you can dodge or block their fireballs you should be fine. They change targets depending on who stuns them.

Barrel Knight

They go after a specific target and if close enough to any player they will charge forward. Don’t play stupid and block them with a shield, just move out the way like a reasonable person when they attack you. You have to attack them from behind to kill them. They change targets depending on who stuns them.

Elite Melee Goblin

Literally just the Melee Goblin but taller, faster and has more HP

Elite Ranged Imp

These sneaky fellas are real annoying. They are just like ranged imps but they fire 5 fireballs rather than the standard 1. They are kind of hard to dodge so I advise hiding behind something when coming face to face with these guys.

Elite Barrel Knight

Just like the last two, the Elite Barrel Knight is pretty much the same as its non-elite counterpart. However, they attack by spinning in a circle rather than charging forward.

Ranged Goblin

These guys are kind of annoying. They are like Melee Goblins but they don’t chase and instead fire their cannon at you from a distance. The cannonballs do explode so I recommend being careful and not using a shield on these fellas. They change targets depending on who stuns them, just like the others.

Pike Goblin

Literally just Melee Goblins with a shield. Go around them to kill them cause their stupid.

Witch Imp

To attack the Witch Imp, you must fire the purple orb she shoots at you back at her. You can use a sword, shield, pot, or double damage potion to do so.

Goblin King

If players are far away from the Goblin King, He will fire 3 giant fireballs at them. He can also attack using his battle ax when players are up-close. He can change targets depending on who stuns them. You have to attack him from the back like a barrel knight, and I recommend using crossbows or bows to kill him because he doesn’t take too much damage from swords.

Bog Monster

You have to shoot his head to kill him. He fires three large fireballs from his mouth and fires cannonballs from his tentacles. You can kill him pretty easily and you can also kill his tentacles for score.

Crimson Witch

To do damage to her you have to whack her purple orb back at her multiple times. Just like a normal Witch Imp but instead you have to fire the orb back multiple times.

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