Recapture the Castle – Achievements Guide


The map is a single map on a plateau in the sky. Enemies spawn / react dynamically at a certain distance or attack. You can walk WASD, sprint SHIFT and aim RMB, weapons auto-reload usually.

Weapons select over 2 – Pistol / 3 – Assault Rifle (recommended) / 6 – fists. Auto heal behind buildings when not under fire.


You start at a small house of which 2 enemies wait behind for you: 1 sniper and 1 fistfighter.

It doesn’t matter how you turn around the house left or right.

Try to take them out 1 by 1, headshots makes it faster.

First kill achievement should be obtained here

Follow the rigde to the left until another 2 enemies wait for you: 2 snipers

Proceed to where you have to jump up on a rock. but instead go up the hill to the right.

There’s a wolf trapped behind a low wall line. It needs several magazines to kill this wolf.

Five kills achievement should be obtained here

Go back to the rock and now go to the right upwards. 3 enemies spawn here next to a tower:

2 MGs 1 shield guy. Take out the MGs first with headshots. Then focus on shield looking window to hurt the shield guy.

Passthrough the Tower and the cliff. In far distance you’ll see another sniper, but untriggered.

Sneak from the left around all houses. Take out the sniper safely. At the last house there’s a sniper rifle for you on the floor. You’ll realize that there another 2 MGs spawned on the roof in friont of you. Take out one of them.

Ten kills achievement should be obtained here.

That’s it. Well done!

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