Rising Mist – 100% Walkthrough Guide (with All Story Secrets)

This walkthrough for Rising Mist will show you all the story secrets, mission and mission secrets in order to complete the story.

Guide to Complete Walkthrough

Completing the Story – Intro

This walkthrough will cover each individual missions (and hidden missions) in order to progress the story in a way, how it was meant to be played. You can play with your own pace and order of course.


  • Read the underlined text carefully.
  • The game has mission that are visible to the player from the in-game task book. And there are hidden mission that are not visible as a task or a to-do mission to the player and the player needs to figure it out.
  • My walkthrough is covering both and goes chronologically how the game makes sense and how the story leads to an end.
  • Do not confuse these mission number that I assigned to your in-game task book counts, rather read the content of my mission description to figure out where you are at in your game.

Mission 1

Stillshire, this is where our journey begins. Once you have met Alira the in-game Guide you should go to the Tavern in the Village. Timon the tavern keeper will ask you to plant something on your filed and report back to him. You will also be given a new location on your map to get to your fields.


  • Mission 1: Grow any kind of crops on your field and go back to the tavern.
  • Complete Mission 1: Go to the fields, plant the seeds, harvest the crop and report back to Timon in the Village.
  • Note: After completing Mission 1, Timon will tell you where to find a miller that lives outside Stillshire and will give you his location.

Tip: Seeds are located in the closet in your home. Later you can buy them in the Marketplace in Navalon and Tarrogar also from the traveling merchant and from his Bazaar that is located behind the Vurarus mountains, once you unlock the path.

Mission 2


  • Mission 2: Bring 15 pieces of wood to Kill.
  • Complete Mission 2: Return to Stillshire, select the small house located on the far right. You enter the logging camp. Click on the character. Garland will give you tools to chop trees and saw. Click on the Axe located on the right to Garland. Start chopping. Then collect the wood and click on the Saw located on the left to Garland. Cut the Logs to Wood here, this takes a few day depending on your skill tree.
  • Note: Once you have 15 pieces of wood deliver them to the Kil the miller.

Tip: Logs and wood can be later purchased in the Marketplace in Navalon and Tarrogar.

Mission 3


  • Mission 3: Bring 8 pieces of fabric to Kill.
  • Complete Mission 3: Return to Stillshire, go to your home and collect the fabric from your closet. If you sold it or dont have it, then fabric can be found every so in the Logging camp, on the second crate.
  • Once you have 8 pieces of fabric deliver them to the Kil the miller.

Tip: Fabric can be later purchased in the Marketplace in Navalon.

Mission 4


  • Mission 4: Check up on Kil after 10 days once repairs on his mill are completed.
  • Complete Mission 4: Wait 10 days. Then return to Kil. His mill should be fully restored.
  • Note: Once the mil is restored, return to Stillshire and visit Timon in the Tavern.

After you talked to Garland in the tavern, Timon will ask you to bring him some fish. The path to the lake was given to you by Garland and is now on your map.

Mission 5 – Major Event


  • Mission 5: Catch 3 bluegill fish and deliver them to Timon.
  • Complete Mission 5: Go to the fishing spot. Note you first need to travel to the Mil and from then to the fishing spot. Catch 3 bluegill fish. Return to Stillshire and visit Timon in the tavern. Once you give the 3 bluegill fish to Timon, we will reward you with a travel permit for Navalon.
  • Tip: To start catching fish succesfully and effective upgrade your fishing skill in the skill tree. Basic hook and Bait are very important for Mission 5.
  • Tip: If you lack skill points, you can always chop wood, saw wood, collect plants and harvest your fields to collect them at this point. Even battles bring you skill points. When in battle every so often an icon with a? (A question mark appears), if you get it there is a chance you get somewhere from 5-35 skill points for it.
  • Tip: You can sell any fish to get Gold or you can eat them to replenish your energy levels.

Navalon, this is the next step in your journey and here is where you should be if you followed the steps above.

Note: Once you reach this city go to the tavern on the right and talk to Tostin (Timons brother).

Tostin will tell you about strange disappearances happening and strange sounds coming from the nearby woods and that you should return if you are interested in hearing more. Return at any point to testing to continue the journey.

Mission 6


  • Mission 6: Find out what is going on in the woods and let Tostin know.
  • Complete Mission 6: Go to the woods, right of Navalon. You will be starteled by a stranger who will give you furter instruction. Then you need to return to Navalon and visit Tostin in the tavern to report back to him.
  • Option: Here you can choose to do as the stranger told you to or to tell the truth about the resistance in the wood. This action will define your gameplay experience so choose wisely.
  • Note: Once you made your decision, return to the stranger in the woods.

Tip: You can sell the Dragon head that the stranger gave you in the Marketplace.

Mission 7


  • Mission 7: Deliver a package to Kil.
  • Complete Mission 7: Now visit Kil at his mil and deliver him the package you recived from Eldaiston.
  • Note: Once you delivered the package to Kill, return to Eldaiston.

Mission 8 and 9 – Major Event


  • Mission 8: Deliver preserved food to Eldaistons camp X/50.
  • Complete Mission 8 – Need to complete mission 9 first: Bring any food to Aenwyn. She will preserve it and you just need to pick it up and deliver it to Eldastion.
  • Mission 9: Find the old lady.
  • Complete Mission 9: Return to Navalon and enter the Inn. On the table is a note. Open it. Now go outside and click on the house with the green roof.

Note: Now return to Kil the miller and recive the travel permit for Oakenrock.

  • Tip: Preserved food is more valuable when you sell it than the food you Aenwyn puts in it and also restore your energy more than most of the food you can preserve.
  • Tip: You can preserve most items that you harvest from your fields, any fish you might catch and even some mushrooms.
  • Tip: At this point you can progress the story without completing Mission 8. But there will come a point that you will have to complete this Mission.

Mission 10 – Oakenrock in the Distance



  • Before you can get there you need to repair the bride between Stillshire and Oakenrock.
  • Have 15 pices of wood in your inventory and go to the bridge.

Complete now Mission 8 if you have not yet done so and get a Rune.

Note: Once you complete the delivery for Eldaistion go streight to Aenwyn where she will give you a special Rune.

Mission 11 – Oakenrock Reached


11.1 – Once you reached Oakenrock and you completed Mission 8 AND you have received the Rune from Aenwyn, there is a man standing next to the tower.
11.2 – Start with him and pay him for the information about Belos. Enter the Inn and come back out.
11.3 – The informer is gone, but a woman is standing next to a House on the right.
11.4 – Brew at least 1 potion.


  • Atleast 1 recepie found.
  • Upgrade to the potion brewing skill in the skill tree.

11.5 – Collect the potion at Olidas once it is finished.
11.6 – A wild woman will appear, click on the Rune you received and immediately click on her.
11.7 – Wait for 3 days. Then go to the Inn in Oakenrock. A letter will be waiting on the table. Read it. You will be given Mission 11.
11.8 – Go to Olidas and she will give you Mission 12.

Mission 12


  • Mission 12: Bring the chest that is in the store in Navalon to Olida.
  • Complete Mission 12: Go to the marketplace in Navalon and speak to Bemam. Have at least 1 free inventory spot. He will give you a chest that he had stored for Olida. Delivery this chest to Olida.
  • Note: Olida will also reward you with a location on your map that leads to the Rewood forest.

Hidden Mission 13


  • Mission 13 – Unofficial: Bring ingredients for the Stunny Mist potion.
  • Complete Mission 13: Find and grow the following ingredients for the Stunny Mist potion.
  • 6x Fields Berries, 5x Wild Root, 12x Mistly Flowers and 1000 Gold. Now wait for 30 days.
  • Field Berries – Buy the seeds from the traveling merchent in Stillshire or at the marketplace in Navalon.
  • Wild Root – Buy the seeds at the marketplace in Navalon.
  • Mistly Flower – Collect them in the Rewood forest east of Oakenrock.

Once you have them all in your inventory, go see Olida to start the brewing process.

After 30 days the potion is ready and when you collect it Mission 11 will be completed.

Note: Items in the marketplace in Navalon change so you will likely need to revisit the shop to find the necessary seeds.

Hidden Mission 14 – Major Event


  • Mission 14 – Unofficial: Go to the Redwood forest and meet Belos.
  • Complete Mission 14: In the Redwood forest a wild man will be by the big Redwood tree. First, click on the Rune you have and then immediately click on him.


  • You will need to be at 100% with your energy to proceed to the next step.
  • Once you start the next Mission, Belos will give you the travel permit for Eshudell, know as the Fallen City.
  • On the map you will have the path to Eshudell.

Once you meet him, Mission 10 will be completed.

Hidden Mission 15


  • Mission 15 – Unofficial: Defeat the Dragon on the path to Eshudell.
  • Complete Mission 15: Once you are ready, go to the dragon that is blocking the path between Oakenrock and Eshudell. You need to defeat him in order to progress the story.
  • Note: Once you reach Eshudell, Belos will greet you.

Belos will introduce you to Ralf who will give you Mission 16.

Mission 16


  • Mission 16: Find allies in the next 3 cities you visit.
  • Complete Mission 16: You need to find at least 3 new allies in the next 3 cities.


  • This Mission you will be able to complete at a later stage.
  • Once you defeat Estruth in a battle, you will be given Mission 17.
  • Once you meet Dousy, she will give you Mission 18.

Ralf will let you know that you need to train here. To do this you go up the narrow stairs in Eshudell to reach the training area.

If at this point you have at least 1000 Experience points (collected from battles), then your progress will be fast (you will still need to fight Estruth-twice and Dousy atleast once). Otherwise, you need to train here until you reach 1000 XP and defeat Ralf in a trainer battle.

Mission 17


  • Mission 17: Find a way to tame a dragon.
  • Complete Mission 17: You need to deliver to Estruth the empty page and Magic Powder but you can do this if you brew the invisible Ink. At this moment cannot complete it. Just follow the guide, and you will complete this mission later.

Note: You complete this mission when you are in the capital Tarrogar and gained access to the Library, collected the secret page, deliver it back to Estruth with the secret page and Magic Powder in your inventory. She will give you this hint the second time you face her.

Mission 18


  • Mission 18: Deliver Dousy’s letter to a woman named Aanor in the capital Tarrogar.
  • Complete Mission 18: Aanor is not actually in Tarrogar, she fled the city. You can find her at the lake, south of Tarrogar.
  • Note: You can only complete this mission after you completed mission 25 and read both messages in the Inn in Tarrogar.

Hidden Mission 19 – Major Event


  • Mission 19 – Unofficial: Defeat Ralf in a traning battle.
  • Complete Mission 19: Gain atleast 1000 XP and challange Ralf to a traning battle. Defeat him.


  • He will reward you with the travel permit for the Tartarus caves.
  • Now you can return to Oakenrock where Atat the official should have returend. He can now sell you the travel permit for the capital Tarrogar. Buy it from him.

Tip: You can ask him to give you a better price for it.

You can also start Mission 20 from now if you go to the Tartarus caves and find Magic Powder (you will need to unlock the mining skill first). Once you have the Magic Powder in your inventory, go to Ebadin in Eshudell and he will further instruct you.

Hidden Mission 20 – Ebadin, Magic and Obsidian Sword


20.1 – Bring some magic powder from the Tartarus caves to Ebadin and give him that.
20.2 – Collect some limestone from the Tartarus caves.
20.3 – Find the recipe for the wizard’s potion. Located in Oakenrock, middle, bottom.
20.4 – Brew Wizards potion.

Requirements (both can be found in the Tartarus caves):

  • 5x Magic Powder.
  • 7x Bulb Mushrooms.
  • 80 Gold.

20.5 – Collect the potion after 15 days.
20.6 – Locate the recipe in Navalon. Right bottom in front of the barrel.
20.7 – Now go to Olida and create the Smokey Obsidian.


  • 10x Limestones (Can be found in the Tartarus caves).
  • 4x Wizards Potions.
  • 420 Gold.

20.8 – Collect the potion after 21 days and go to Ebadin in Eshudell.
20.9 – Give Ebadin your sword.
20.10 – Come back after 30-45 days (depends on your status) and collect the powerful Obsidian Sword.

Hidden Mission 21 – Major Event


  • Mission 21 – Unofficial: Get the travel permit for the capital Tarrogar.
  • Complete Mission 21: Return to Oakenrock where Atat the official should have returned. He can now sell you the travel permit for the capital Tarrogar. Buy it from him.

Tip: You can ask him to give you a better price for it.

Mission 22 – Tarrogar in the Distance


  • Before you can get to Tarrogar you need to repair the stone bride between Oakenrock and Tarrogar.
  • Have 20 pieces of stone in your inventory and go to the bridge.


  • You will need the Enables Mining skill from the skill tree.
  • Reconstruction of the bridge takes 30 days once you provided the stones.

Tip: You can mine stones in Eshudell, the pickaxe is located next to Ralf.

Mission 22 – Tarrogar Reached


22.1 (Library) – Depending if you want to go to the Library at first or not, click on the second rune you received and immediately click on the Guard. The library will help you with the Mission 17.

22.2 – If you want to focus on the story flow, as does this Guide then just click on the Guard. The guard will clear your entry to Tarrogar.

22.3 – Now start a conversation with the female in the red dress standing on the small balcony. You will recieve Mission 23.

Mission 23

Tarrogar – Now that you have reached the capital, go to the Tavern and meet Phorowenia there. She will give you your next mission after her introduction.


  • Mission 23: Find and bring 9 Gnome Nightcaps mushrooms to Phorowenia.
  • Complete Mission 23: Now you should have a new location on your map that leads to the Mystic Lagoon, south of Tarrogar. Go there and collect the necessary amount of Gnome Nightcaps mushrooms and deliver them to Phorowenia. The mushroom regrow after 2 days.
  • Note: After you deliver the mushrooms to Phorowenia, she tells you to wait 3 days for a letter in the Inn in Tarrogar.

Tip: At the Mystic Lagoon, there is Christa Sather. She will give you a hit about the Library, how to get in and the forbidden section in the Library.

Hidden Mission 24


  • Mission 24 – Unofficial: Read Phorowenias and Christas letters.
  • Complete Mission 24: Make a decision if you want to go to Phorowenia in the Tavern or to Christa Sather at the Mystic Lagoon.
  • Note: If you picked Phorowenia, now go to the Mystic Lagoon.

Mission 25 – Major Event

At the Mystic Lagoon, there is no sign of Christa Sather, just a pool of blood and a scarf. An unknown female is standing in front of you. Start a conversation with her.



  • You need to give Aanor the letter which Dousy gave you.
  • You recive Mission 26 from Aanor (Tame 2 dragons).


  • Collect the scarf that is in the pool of blood.
  • Return now to Tarrogar and go to the marketplace. Now there should be a small blue purse in the shop, left from Nilaus Sather. Buy this purse and receive the travel permit for Crystalbay.

Now go to the Library (Refer to Mission 22 – Tarrogar reached | 22.1. if you don’t know).

Hidden Mission 27

Note: Mission 26 and 29 are same, thats why number 26 is missing.


  • Mission 27 – Unofficial: Deliver invisible Ink to Warmund the librarian.
  • Complete Mission 27: You can brew invisible Ink with Olida the potion maker in Oakenrock.


  • The recipe for invisible Ink is located on the second book shelf, on the right side from Warmund in the middle.
  • 3x Bulb mushroom can be found in Tartarus caves.
  • 7x Lemons you can buy in Tarrogar. Lemons seeds you can buy also in Navalon.
  • 17x Dragon Herb is located at your fields.
  • 150 Gold.
  • Takes about 15 days before Olida has it ready for you.

Note: Once you have the invisible Ink, deliver it to Warmund. See Mission 28.

Hidden Mission 28


  • Mission 28 – Unofficial: Collect the secret page and deliver it to Estruth.
  • Complete Mission 28: With the invisible Ink in your inventory, go to Warmund. He will reward you by clearing the access to the forbidden section. Open the Pink book there and click the empty page (Right side). Now go to the training area in Eshudell and meet Estruth there. Have with you the empty page and some Magic Powder.
  • Note: Once you ware able to reveal the secret message on the page you are able to tame dragons. Mission 17 is now completed.

Mission 29


  • Mission 29: Capture the dragon in the Deadwood Forest.
  • Complete Mission 29: You can only complete this mission if you first go to dragon 1 (between Oakenrock and Eshudell) and throw the Stunny Mist potion at the dragon. Then go to the second dragon (between Tarrogar and Crystalbay) and throw also on this dragon the Stunny Mist potion.
  • Note: By doing this you have paired there 2 dragons and they are now your allies. The roads are now also clear.

Mission 26 and 29 are completed.

Before doing any mission in Crystalbay return to Tarrogar, we have some unfinished business there.

Hidden Mission 30


  • Mission 30 – Unofficial: Defeat the guards in Tarrogar.
  • Complete Mission 30: Every time you enter Tarrogar there is a small chance there will be 1 of 2 character on the screen (left bottom by the Marketplace or right infront of the Library). Click on them if you see them. They will drop a note, pick it up. Now you need to defeat the 3 Guards of Tarrogar.


  • If you dont see them. Reenter Tarrogar until you see one of them.
  • You have 3 minutes to defeate the first 2 and another 3 minutes to defeat the last one.
  • You complete Mission 16.

Tip: If you suceed Tarrogar will have no more Guards, you will be able to enter without talking to the Guard, you will gain a new ally (Medwich and Meera) and you will be 1 step closer to completing the story.

Now go to Crystalbay.

Mission 31

Crystalbay, everything is coming together and this is the next milestone in your journey.

Once here click on the women in the middle and be sure to have the bloody scarf you found earlier. Now you have the option to tell here the truth about her sister and you can give her the bloody scary, she will reward you later.

You can choose not to do so and just trade her amulets which catch a good price in Tarroger, a better one in Navalon and a great price at the Bazaar.

Talk to the fisherman by the name Fulder. Once you do that, enter the Tavern to his left.

Every so there will be a female captain present inside by the name Aphara. Accept her mission, which leads us to Mission 32.

Mission 32


  • Mission 32: Help Aphara rebuild the fleet of ships.
  • Complete Mission 32: Chop and saw 65 pieces of wood in Stillshire. Mine Iron Ore in Eshudell, smelt the ore to Iron Ingots. Once you have at least 3 Iron Ingots, smelt them to a Chest of Weapons. Repeat until you have 5.

Note: You need to deliver:

  • 65x wood,
  • 5x Chest of Weapons (You craft this with Ebadin in Eshudell. You need to have atleast 3 iron ingots in your inventory, you get them by smelting iron ore with him.)

Crafting process for Chest of Weapons:

  • Iron ore -> 1Iron Ingot -> Chest of Weapons.
  • 1 Iron ore = 1 Iron Ingot,
  • 3 Iron Ingot = 1 Chest of Weapons.

Once you have the neccesery amounts in your inventory, bring them to Aphara.

Tip: You can drop of any amount you may have on you at any time.

Now wait 30 days. In the mean time, go outside the Tavern and talk to the fisher Fulder again (if he is there, if not talk to him as soon as you see him.)

He will give you the Mission 33.

Talk also to Meretrana, Christas sister. She will tell you that she is making a special amulet for you. Return to her in a few weeks to collect it. Mission 34.

Mission 33


  • Mission 33: Find and deliver to Fulder the long-lost magical Harpoon of Ziruma.
  • Complete Mission 33: A regular Harpoon can be found (every so often) at the Windy Lake north of Eshudell, collect it. Make sure you also have 4 Magic Powder with you and go to Ebadin, give him the Harpoon and 4 Magic Powder. Wait 30 days. Collect the forged Harpoon and deliver it to Fulder in Crystalbay.

Hidden Mission 34 – Major Event

Go to the ship that has landed in the port of Crystalbay. Aphare is there waiting for you. Start up a conversation with her.


  • Mission 34 – Unofficial: Get the travel permit for Winterguard.
  • Complete Mission 34: Return now to Oakenrock. Atat is back in town and you know what that means. Talk to him and get the permit from him. Once you have the permit return to Aphara and go to Winterguard.
  • Note: Once you have the travel permit, the path to Winterguard will be visible on your map.


  • On the left side, on a crate sits a small monkey. Collect him and deliver him to Bemam the merchant in Navalon. He will reward you.
  • In the center of the ship is a round hole. If you have the special amulet that Meretrana made for you, you can use it here to speed up your voyage time to Winterguard.

Mission 35

  • Winterguard, here the end of a great story begins.
  • Once you enter the City a female figure stand on the stairs. Start a conversation with her.
  • After the conversation with Enlil a small monk will appear. Talk to him.


  • Mission 35: Find the third missing rune and bring it to Tulong.
  • Complete Mission 35: Go inside the Inn in Winterguard. Click on the picture on the wall. Solve the puzzle. And find the rune inside.
  • Note: Mission 16 will also be completed.

Tip: Once you solved the puzzle you see 2 hollow spots. Click on each or your runes now and take the Rune of primordial force that appreas before you and give it to Tulong.

Hidden Mission 36 – Major Event


  • Mission 36 – Unofficial: Complete the special training and awake your hidden powers.
  • Complete Mission 36: Talk to Enlil once again and discover your past. Once the conversation is over go up the mountain stairs, top left of your screen. Once on the field start your training and collect as many elements as you can. Once you have completed the training talk to Tulong and Enlil in Winterguard.
  • Note: You will recieve the travel permit for Nama-Thalor.

Tip: You can repeat the session once.

Mission 37 – Nama-Thalor in the distance


Before you can get to Nama-Thalor you need to repair the bride between Tarrogar and Nama-Thalor.
Have 25 pieces of wood in your inventory and go to the bridge.

Note: Reconstruction of the bridge takes 30 days once you provided the wood.

Mission 38 – Nama-Thalor Reached

Nama-Thalor, The holiest and most spiritual ground in Occotera. Go to Nama-Thalor that is marked on your map now.


  • Mission 38: Reach Nama-Thalor and obtain your special ability.
  • Complete Mission 38: Go to Nama-Thalor, Aanor is waiting there for you. Start a conversation with her. After that, talk to Godar and he will perform the ritual.
  • Note: You can now start the final battle for Occotera. You can do this by going to your allies screen and clicking the center button. This will start the final battle. The final battle will be exhausting, so stack up on health potions and other potions if you need to.

Mission 39 – The Final Battle

  • The final battle begins.
  • All of your allies are gathered on top of a hill.
  • One by one you encourage them and they encourage you for what is to come and even some farewells are exchanged.

You will face 5 opponets and have 3 minutes for each of them.

Ragdrak is the last to cross your path.

Note: The outcome of the game depends on whether you win the final battle or lose it.

Tip: Use your special ability, but be careful, using it too much will result in backfire.

The end.

Extra Hints

Hint 1

In almost every city there is an Inn and on the wall is a little puzzling. Complete all puzzles in Occotera and 2 passageways will open.

  1. From Winterguard throughout the great mountain rage which will allow you easy and fast access to Navalon and Stillshire.
  2. From Stillshire to the Bazaar or the traveling merchant, where all goods are exotic and much more valuable.

Hint 2

When you obtain the special ability, return to Stillshire and talk to Timon the tavern keeper. If you purchased all available files he will then give you one last permit. The travel permit is for a secret island in the ocean called, Nev Nen.

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