Rising Star 2 – How to Find and Hire the Band Manager

Guide to Find and Hire the Band Manager

The manager you hire does not need to be from your hometown. Granted, any manager you hire will be more connected with venues near where his office is…so if your hometown is in Lubbock, Texas, it probably won’t make sense to hire a manager in Gary, Indiana. But there are always a few towns around where you start the game and one or more will have a manager with a rating below 11.

There are at least 2 managers in each city. They will run along both ends of the spectrum so that (once you are semi-established) you can find one that will sign with you. The Manager you start with is rarely the manager you finish with. A manager will only agree to work with a band whose popularity is at least 1/2 of the manager’s rating. So you need 5 pop to hire a skill 10 manager. You can easily get 5 pop through battles.

There is a single exception to the 1/2 rule. RARELY you will get a call from a manager with much higher skill who offers to manage your band.

The manager’s skill is talked about in detail in other threads. Suffice to say a higher rated manager may not necessarily be a better fit, and will ALWAYS take a bigger cut.

Any manager you get will grow with the band. His skill often rises faster than your own. The question of whether to switch managers is a tricky one. My personal philosophy is that if my current manager is not getting us what I think we deserve, I replace him.

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