Roadwarden – Travel Guide to The Unnamed Peninsula

These are literally just some notes I have taken while playing, which may be of help to those who feel overwhelmed in their first playthrough.

Includes: The game map & points of interest, guide for certain points of interest, the settlements, selling guide, purchases and services, alchemy mixtures & ingredient locations, and guides for some of the quests.

Map Guide

This is a general map guide showing points of interests, starting from the southern crossroads where your journey begins, travelling clockwise around the peninsula loop as the game advises you to. This portion of the guide will not tell you specifically what to do in each area, only where things are.

Southern Crossroads

  • West => Pelt of the North (inn), Steep House ruins, Beholder (tree & altar)
  • East => The Dolmen (abandoned religious building), The Riverside Turn(Fallen tree, cleared in the image provided), The Watchtower, Eudocia the enchantress, etc, towards foggy lake

Beholder (tree & altar)

  • South => Elder’s cave (elder druid)
  • North => Howler’s dell (Settlement)

Howler’s Dell

  • West => Blocked road (need clearing twice, 2nd time with help from Howler’s Dell), The fishing hamlet (Aegida, Thais’ daughter hides here)
  • North => Western Crossroads

Western Crossroads

  • West => Old Pagos, Monastery/The Library in Stone (potential monster blocking the way on first attempt west)
  • East => The Gate (Quintus), Heart of Forest, Watchtower
  • North => Ford (insect swarm), old forest Garden

Old Forest Garden

  • Southeast => Peat fields (Thyrsus, warlock)[Ambush by big cat and mimic bird on the way first time], The Creeper (obstacle), White Marshes
  • East => Ruined Shelter (dusk foxes), Northern road, Foggy Lake (Inn)

Foggy Lake

  • Northwest => Old Tunnel (need lamp/magic to explore; can detour around tunnel to reach Gale Rocks), Gale Rocks (Fishing village), Pier
  • Northeast => Creeks (hunting & woodcutter village)
  • Southeast=> The Wanderer (Statue of woman), Copper ore cave, Cabin, Old Bridge, watchtower, enchantress. Etc

Old Bridge

  • East => Small cave (corpse eater), Giant Monument, Tribe of Green Mountain (requires knowledge of green mountain tribe + bush clearing to go east from old bridge)
  • South => Watchtower

Watchtower (basically the Eastern Crossroads)

  • West => Heart of the woods, The Gate, Western Crossroads
  • East => Eudocia the enchantress
  • South => The Riverside Turn (Fallen tree trunk), The Dolmen, southern crossroads.

Location Guide (Non-Settlements)

The ruined settlement (Steep House ruins)

  • Southwest field – cursed soil, identifiable as mage or with plant bought from Eudocia
  • Southwest – free fish trap
  • Southeast – a single free crossbow quarrel
  • Main Square – Pyrrhos the scavenger is taking refuge in the village center, gives a quest to come back to escort him to safety; Pelt of the North is safer, Thais doesn’t like him. He’s also the metal thief that Gale Rocks is looking for, can threaten him to give what he stole to you, after you escort him.
  • Northeast – Goblin nest, can hire the hunters at Pelt of the North (Dalit) to clear
  • Northwest – tools to open the northern gate
  • Northern Gate (from the inside) – can be opened to speed up travel past this area permanently

You can only explore a couple of the interior village at a time because the curse makes you sick.

The Beholder – Tree sacred to local pagans

  • Takes blood sacrifices, Eudocia’s spirit pebbles, your own pneuma as a mage, and many other magical items/alchemical mixtures
  • Once enough is given, gives fruit which is used to cure plague in old pagos

Elder’s cave, a lone druid in the southwest corner of the map

  • Called “forest speaker” or “speaker of the forest”
  • Gives quest to bring him a fish from a Gale Rocks fisherman after he trusts you a bit
  • Can talk to him about the plague in Old Pagos; later heals the plague after you obtained the Beholder fruit as he instructed
  • Free shelter & alchemical station after you cure the plague
  • Gives you info on the green mountain tribe if you are aware of them, and if he likes you enough

The ford

  • Can make insect repellant at alchemy station as scholar, or buy it from thyrsus (Warlock & White Marsh gatekeeper)

Northern ruined shelter

  • Inspect mushroom (can tell gatherers at Foggy’s Lake), bushes (bronxe axe head), clean up the shelter for coins from Creeks quest

hunter’s cabin

  • Input Dodge as first command when you encounter the spider, gather silk for howler’s dell tailor

Watchtower (basically the Eastern Crossroads)

  • Key found at Gale rock headwoman, Old Pagos, or report to Tulia Asterion’s death to get his belongings – a key is one of them
  • Can create an insect repellant as scholar to make shelter more hospitable, or buy from thyrsus
    Eastern secluded residence

Eastern secluded residence

  • Inhabited by Eudocia, the Enchantress, and her golems
  • Gargoyle is basically the doorbell
  • Gives bronze rods quest, then asks you to find her snake bait flowers for her


  • Look for trapdoor (health potion)

The Sleeping Giant

  • Kneel & pray (ask the elder druid on how to pray in the old tongue if you’re not druidic in faith)

Heart of The Woods

  • Spider leading to Bandit’s camp-> Observes string, eyes, web, legs, etc (Spider’s dead)
  • Every potential encounter in HotW is not listed here

High Island (northwest of peninsula, original home of the green mountain tribe)

  • Reachable by boat from gale rocks or fishing hamlet west of Howler’s den
  • Reaching the forbidden island without permission from The Green Mountain Tribe makes them hostile towards you.
  • The entire journey through High island is not listed here

Settlement Guide

Here are all the major settlements in the game. the [] next to some characters indicates the suggested interaction option to choose when available.

Howler’s Den

  • Thais, mayor [friendly/playful]
  • Eryx, innkeeper. Food & rations relatively expensive, but paying for shelter has its benefits to health, hunger and appearance.
  • Akakios, trader (prices improve after matchmaking his niece). GIves quest to obtain a healing potion. Reward for healing potion can be increased if you looked at its sale price at Pelt of the North
  • Bion, Tailor , spider silk from hunter’s cabin can be given to her for coins or a free upgrade to your gambeson
  • Elpis, Druidess [vulnerable], will call for you after you are asked to clear the path to the fishing hamlet

The Mayor asks you to report back information from around the peninsula(spying), eventually asks you to clear the path to the fishing hamlet. can secure diplomatic relations for guild after doing enough for her, along with a letter of appreciation which makes sleeping at the inn and tailor free at Howler’s dell.

The mayor will hate you for curing Old Pagos, so time that after obtaining your letter for the guild, and after doing most available work for them to balance out the hate. Also, speak with conviction when defending why you gave the beholder fruit to Old Pagos instead of her. At worst you will no longer be able to stay in Howler’s dell, at best your bonuses from the letter of appreciation is nullified.

Old Pagos & Monastery

  • Old Pagos is plagued by mysterious disease, you can talk to the elder druid, and cure them after obtaining the beholder fruit. If you are in good enough relations with Gale Rocks, you can convince them to send supplies to help Old Pagos.
  • Can spread news about their plague to other settlements, presumably gaining favor from each settlement, then once again with news after you cure them
  • Most of the content in both areas are locked until you cure the plague, but you can secure diplomatic relationships with both as your reward afterwards.

White Marshes

  • Thyrsus – Peat Mage [distanced], opens the creeper obstacle , sells alchemical mixtures which can be used by non-scholars, sells a grappling hook
  • Helvius – Mayor [intimidate], tehnically a trader for some things (quarrels, metals) but hardly worth it
  • Orentius – Priest [vulnerable], can be talked down from necromancy if you have acquired enough information to argue with. Requires convincing Thyrsus to sneak in an audience or doing enough favors for Helvius.

Gale RocksHas a text input system to look for characters and points of interest because the villagers aren’t exactly friendly. The headwoman is initially distant and won’t even give you quests, but you can eventually get her village to stop protecting Glaucia’s Bandits and open dipomatic relations with the guild.


  • Severina, Village Headwoman [distanced]
  • Photios, fisher – usually found north in the piers; the elder druid asks for an empress carp form him, photios gives quest to obtain one of Eudocia’s spirit pebble for him, which he can be talked out of.
  • Phoibe, Photios’ daughter to ask about her condition for Photios’ quest
  • Petronius, Gossiper (can be paid to direct you to points of interest, unnecessary if you already know or are using an external guide)
  • Navica, boatmaker – one of the two ways to obtain a boat to get to high island
  • Glaucia family

Sellers & Services

  • Porcia; Cook
  • Rufina, Tailor
  • Tatius, weaponsmith, armorer
  • Aquila, bath man
  • Fulvia, room keeper

Local Artisans

It is part of your main quest to find out how the city guild can trade with locals

  • Iuno, digger (mason, builder), rewards you for clearing the old tunnel
  • Coopers (carpenters); Domitia (head Carpenter)
  • Albus (salter)
  • Smokery


  • Florus (fletcher) [can ask about arrow from southeastern woods, not mandatory for that information]
  • Priest, you can pray there for no actual benefit except to express your devotion to the Wright


  • Elah, Carpenter [friendly/playful], gives rewards for clearing the eastern roads
  • Efren, Hunter [friendly/playful], gives quest to find 3 missing hunters
  • Old hava, Sells roast chicken (1db) & fish trap (2db)

Finding the three hunters and clearing the eastern roads will give you enough goodwill to secure diplomatic relations for the guild. You can have a house as free shelter here afterwards, as they accept you as one of them. Bathing here is free at all times and gets you pretty clean.

The Green Mountain Tribe

  • Accessible by removing bushes from eastern stone bridge, after learning about the tribe.
  • Requires you to give them a gift in order to speak with their leader, and then again to gain permission to visit their homeland.
  • Choose the vulnerable greeting option: “I am a Freedom Seeker, Friend of the speakers of the forest”, need to learn this from the elder druid, after he trusts you enough to talk about the Green Mountain Tribe.
  • Reaching the forbidden island without permission from The Green Mountain Tribe makes them hostile towards you.
  • Reporting back after visiting High Island with their permission leads to the option to gain the support of the Green Mountain tribe, they will speak with city messengers.

Other Shelters (Non-Settlement)

Here are other points of interests such as inns where you can or eventually can find shelter.

Pelt of the North Inn

  • Iason – innkeeper [distanced]
  • Dalit – Huntress, has knowledge on beasts
  • Armorer – cheap Gambeson repairs, though his skills have limits

You can buy the berry hook from Iason for 1db with best dialogue option, and sell it at foggy’s for 3db
save scum on Dalit’s wagers for free coins, + it gradually reduces cost of her services (knowledge, goblin nest clearing, party member for high island)

This is the best place to purchase rations, and a decent place to sleep.

Foggy’s Lake

  • Foggy – Innkeeper [friendly/playful]
  • Ilan & Tzvi – foragers
  • Caius – used to be one of Tulia’s men, rambles about visions

Foggy initially asks for news from Old Pagos, then eventually will ask to enquire about a deal with Pelt of the North, also a ale cask delivery to White Marshes.

The foragers can hire you to deal with capturing a bird in a weeks time, make sure you have shield at least by then, perhaps others tools as well. You can tell the foragers about mushrooms in the dusk fox shelter.

This is the best place for food, 4 meals for 1db, with the caveat that they need to be eaten on-site, unlike rations.

Sleeping here is not the most comfortable, but potentially free if you choose it.

Eudocia’s Residence

  • Eudocia, bronze rods quest, snake bait flower quest; some quests from the monastery involves Eudocia
  • sells spirit pebbles (5db at best price)
  • Is from Old Pagos, bringing news about the plague and curing it gives relationship boons
  • After you do enough for her, you can use her place as free shelter.
  • You can eventually convince her to work in the cities similar to how you obtain diplomatic relations with settlements. You need to do enough quests and have enough information (like how the monastery actually hates her).
  • If you give her snake bait flowers to complete the questline, she will succumb to the addiction and die in the epilogue

The Watchtower

  • You can sleep here after opening with key or breaking down the door
  • You can bug bomb the place to improve it as a shelter

Elder’s Cave

  • The cave becomes open as free shelter after you cure the Old Pagos plague, there is a free alchemy station to use, and a river nearby to bathe

Fishing Hamlet

  • Aegida – Thais’ runaway daughter, huntress. You can either keep her existence a secret from Thais, or reveal her to Thais. Keeping her secret allows you to use her boat to get to High Island, and recruit her in the High Island journey.

Selling Items

Here is an image of a table of sell-able items at different traders. Note that prices fluctuate based on how much goodwill you’ve earned from the inn/settlement.

Valens in White Marshes Buys food items, but not profitably; white marshes is generally not a good buyer. Iron scraps can be sold at the same or higher price with other buyers at high enough goodwill with them.

Remember that some items might be better gifted to the Green Mountain Tribe for goodwill in order to get audience, and then permission to travel to high island

Buying Items & Services


  • Quarrels are sold at both pelt of the north and Gale rocks armorer at 2db for 5 quarrels, prices may come down if you do enough for them
  • Shield is purchasable from both Pelt of the north (5db) and gale rocks (4db)

Appearance increasing tools

  • Soap (1db) purchasable at Pelt of the North to increase appearance
  • Toothbrush(3db) purchasable at Howler’s Dell to increase appearance
  • Perfume (6db) purchasable at Gale rocks bath house to increase appearance
  • Fancy clothes (cheapest 19db) purchasable at Howler’s dell tailor to increase appearance

DIY clothing repairs

  • Gambeson repair kit purchasable at Gale Rock tailor for 9db
  • A sewing kit purchasable at Gale Rock tailor for 6db

Fish from traps

  • Sellable at Pelt of the north, 1db for 2 fish (1db can buy 3 rations here)
  • tradeable at howler dell inn for 1 ration each
  • 2 roasted fish can be sold in White Marshes

Roast Chicken

  • purchasable at Creeks for 1db, sellable at Monastery for 2db


Gambeson / Outfit Repairs

Pelt of the North

  • 1db for +2 gambeson repairs

Howler’s Dell

  • 2db for +2 gambeson repairs
  • 1db for Outfit repairs

Gale Rock

  • 1db for +1 gambeson repairs
  • 1db for outfit repairs or 2 hours work


Pelt of the North

  • 1db for 3 rations

Howler’s Dell

  • 1db for 2 rations

Gale rock

  • 3 wild plants for 1 ration


Pelt of the North

  • Random chance of leftovers being available, eaten on-site

Howler’s dell

  • 2db to eat to full stomach + bath

Foggy’s Lake

  • 1db for 4 meals to be eaten on-site (2 nourishment each)
  • 1 free meal per day after doing enough for them

Gale Rock

  • 1db or 2 hours work


Howler’s dell

  • 2db bath + eat to full stomach

Gale Rock

  • 1db for bath or 2 hours work


  • Free, just jump in


Pelt of the North

  • Free: -1 nourishment, -1 appearance
  • 1db: +1 vitality, +4 appearance

Howler’s dell

  • Free:-2 nourishment, -1 appearance
  • 2db: +1 vitality, +1 nourishment, + 4 appearance

Alchemical Ingredients Locations

Ingredients & Their Locations


  • The lone Druid in the southwest corner
  • Purchasable from thyrsus

Cave ear mushroom

  • Tunnels leading up to Gale rock

Snake bait flower

  • Heart of the woods – south of the cairn
  • Purchasable from Akakios (3db)

Jar of cursed soil

  • Steep House – the ruined village between Pelt of the north and the Beholder

Flower-looking driftwood

  • Fishing hamlet, west of Howler’s dell

Fresh rare herbs

  • Heart of the woods – south of the cairn

Basalt rock powdered on top of a mountain

  • The monastery, should they allow access
  • The green mountain tribe, should they allow access


  • Pelt Inn berry gathering
  • Purchasable from Thyrsus


  • Picked at the vine obstacle at white marshes (requires thyrsus to open?)

Quest Guide

Bronze Rods (many potential places for 8 of them)

  • 1) Watchtower
  • 2) Southern Crossroads (with grappling hook,warriors may be able to do without hook)
  • 3) Pelt of the north
  • 4) Druid’s cave
  • 5) Monastery (secretly after rejected)
  • 6) Howler’s dell (Lie about its purposes)
  • 7) Old tunnel
  • 8) Creeks
  • 9) White Marshes (half a day’s work or 4db)
  • 10) Griffon’s nest next to the Green mountain tribe
  • 11) The Gate
  • 12) Heart of the Woods

Gather Crew for High Island (4 max)

  • 1) Dalit (hired for 5 at lowest)
  • 2) Tzvi (hired for 10db)
  • 3) Aegidia (hide her from Thais)
  • 4) Thyrsus (talk Orentius down from necromancy)
  • 5) Runaway Bandit (don’t rat him out to glaucia)
  • 6) Tulia (visit the destroyed camp)
  • 7) Quintus (get him to stay in Pelt)

Clearing the Eastern Path (for Elah)

  • 1) Remove dusk foxes (ruined shelter)
  • 2) Removing Spider (hunter’s cabin)
  • 3) Placing warning sign after clearing path to the Green Mountain Tribe
  • 4) Clean statue (1g from offering bowl + 1 ration from elah)
  • 5) Removing fallen tree (takes an entire day, can place sign at bridge during this)
  • 6) Making deal with Eudocia to keep Eastern path safe (takes ? rations)
  • 7) Visited the dolmen
  • 8) Spend time throwing rocks to fill the brook ford at the eastern part of Heart of the forest

Lost Merchant/The Fallen Tree

Glaucia’s band ambushed a caravan carrying spices and took the merchants north. Arrow as clue found in bushes.

Missing Hunters

  • 1) Admon – corpse found in the corpse eater cave found east of the eastern stone bridge (requires knowledge of Green Mountain Tribe and Bush clearing)
  • 2) Dalia – corpse found in howler’s den north of northern roads, horse needs to be kept at Foggy’s lake before heading there, bring back belt buckle, and potentially bones to burn (-1 vitality due to pain from howlers)
  • 3) Vaschel – Corpse found in Heart of the woods, bring back ear rings

Spirit stone for Photios

Ask for opinions from ~4 of these:

  • 1) Eudocia
  • 2) the elder druid
  • 3) Aeli from the monastery; seems to counts for more than the thyrsus or the druid due to religious alignment
  • 4) thyrsus
  • 5) phoibe herself,
  • 6) your own opinion if scholar class

Traps to Place in the Gale Rock Tunnel

Northern Tunnel (closest to undead)

  • Whip trap – creature hit and knocked down, not killed

Stalactites room

  • Foothold trap – one falls, others helps it get back up
  • Whip traps – does not work, stalagmites too fragile

Dining room

  • Slippery floor – falls but recovers
  • Deadfall trap – causes stagger (not as effective)

Main Tunnel

  • Deadfall trap – Crushes one of the undead
  • Whip trap – kills one of the undead


  • Foothold trap – one sinks, others helps it up

Tunnel near to exit

  • Whip trap – they maneuver over the trap

Sleeping chamber – not advised, the animal pen has a chokepoint for combat advantage

  • Deadfall trap causes stagger (not effective)

Animal pen

  • Whip Trap – kills one

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