Rotwood – Gameplay Tips for Beginners

Useful Tips and Tricks

How to use The Striker

  • Prioritize throwing the ball, and using dodge + light attack to keep it airborne. Most of your damage comes from chaining focus hits from it being airborne.
  • Use your skill to get them airborne again, or to pull them into crowds, where they can bounce around freely and do big damage.
  • Learning when to dive in and combo light hits to add extra damage helps a lot too, you can’t just play ranged.
  • Going for light gear helps immensely, as you really want the mobility to chase the balls and move away from enemies quickly.
  • Crit on focus hits, dice, etc are good perks, as is spark on heavy.

How to get gems to work?

You put em into your weapon next to the blacksmith. The gems level up from enemy kills. The smith can craft more gems, you need to open his gems tab at the top.

How does shield actually work?

There are many different ways the reason you got a shield. In most instances though you’ll get shield from special powers that you get from the miniboss rooms and random star icon rooms. The shield powers all have some action you have to do to gain some amount of shield segments. And after you get 4 segments you gain a shield which blocks one hit before breaking.

I don’t see new gear in Berna’s upgrade shop!

For gear to appear in Berna’s upgrade shop, you need to first purchase it during hunts with corestones. The market that sells gear can appear in the 8th or 16th room.

What is Quick Rise?

When you get hit that you fall on the ground and press dodge. It requires timing.

Character Creation?

It has a little, there are 3 options of each section: Species, hairstyles, ears, mouths, tails, fur patterns, hair color, fur/skin color, and some random other stuff. It’s nothing major just a little personal touches. I think you can unlock more cosmetics in game, but I am not sure on that.

You can also change your appearance whenever you want at the base camp, and it cost in game currency to change species.

Where are local save files / How to reset?

To reset your progress, simply delete this folder:

  • %appdata%\Klei\Rotwood\steam-76561198167191953\saves

Note: Don’t forget to disable the cloud saving system. Right clicking game in your library, going properties, disabling cloud saves, then deleting the folder again and launching.

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