Rune Teller – Eastern Valley Gold Chest Guide

All Gold Chest in first area of game for those who struggle in finding and an achievement for finding all of them.

Guide to Eastern Valley Gold Chest

Chest 1

Starting from the guild master head to your right.

Once you hit this mountain you’ll want to turn right and follow the path and there will be the first chest! keep in mind there is a troll that goes back and forth on the path nearby if you are new he will smash you!

Chest 2

Going back to the start of the path you should see a little lake inside that lake there is a small island with a chest in the centre! that is 2 down already.

Chest 3

After getting that chest you want to head to your right (West on compass) once again until you reach a dirt path. Looking to your left and going up the path you will see a Bandit Fort, kill all of them and there should be a chest inside the small house within the fort.

Chest 4

Leaving the fort head north-westward untill you reach a cliff/dirt path there will be a merchant, within his supplies there should be a chest easy heist!

Chest 5

From the merchant youll want to turn around and head North-East around 60 on the compass keep following the path until you reach the stone fences there will be a chest by the centre one!

Chest 6

Follow the dirt path to the left side of the stone fences (north-east on your compass) this chest is surrounded by a wheat field it is very easy to see. It is an ambush! three goblins will try to kill, kill them first get the chest

Side note: the troll is not normally here i pulled aggro a while ago and i guess he got stuck chasing me i guess?

Chest 7 and Map If You Dont Have

Now going back from where you came to the stone fences instead of going left towards the wheat field chest you just got, head right (East/ South-East on compass) until you reach the little lake with the chest in the centre. From that chest go straight or (East on your compass) till you see a stone staircase! Follow the path there should be 2 goblins kill them and keep going until you reach the copper ore vein. From the copper vein looking to your left (East on compass) there will be a path, you must jump over the river to that path make sure to have some stamina should you miss the jump and have to swim! (if you fall off swim directly north you will be able to loop and try again).

Once you have made the jump continue up the path. After killing the goblins do not head to the staircase on the right it is a cliff/dead end instead head left (North on compass) there will be multiple staircases, go up the 3 staircases kill the 2 goblins then head right (South on compass) there will be 4 more staircases, once at the top there will be a large white/grey rock the chest is behind it. The Map will be inside the tower!

Chest 8

After exiting the tower jump off the wooden staircase into the lake swim to the tree closes to the water turn around (north on compass) use the path looking to your right you will see Darkess village. Scale down the mountain heading towards the town head towards the little fishing hut beside the bridge the chest will be in there.

Chests 9 and 10

Both chests are in this town very easy to find. Upon entering the town head to the 2nd level behind the merchant (red house) there will be a chest in the wheat field the 2nd chest will be on the 3rd level on the town in the veterans house (right side from entering).

Chest 11

Exiting the village from back entrance on the 3rd level head left (East/105 on compass) you will go up a hill, when you start to see the water look right (south-east on compass) there will be a little stone structure with a chest in it, head down there jump on the two white rocks on the river to make the swim distance shorter, then swim and claim your chest.

Chest 12

Facing the chest you just got turn left (north/north east on compass) and follow the small path along the lake. When you feel confident enough swim to the centre island, from the dungeon entrance face north and head across the lake to the wizards house. Follow the path through the pumpkin patch then head left (north on compass) it will take you up a little mountain at the bottom is your prize!

Chest 13

Heading back to the front of the wizards house head between 195 and 210 on compass. Swim across the river (dont fall down the waterfall) Continue straight along the river (southwest on compass) until you see a knight on a rock, laugh at the coward afraid of the water and swim across towards the east then follow along the water side which should now be to your right, you will see a little path hugging the left mountain by the river follow it and you should see the chest ahead swim for your riches!

Side note: it is a bit tricky coming back the way you came i personally had trouble jumping back to the path.

Chest 14 and 15

Heading back to the knight look towards 240 on the compass and head that direction then follow the path to the left (about 210 on compass) into the goblin camp. Kill the first two goblins and head to the right (west on compass) there will be 2 paths go left first 195 on compass you will see a bridge to your left, the first chest is there gaurded by some goblins. Victory is yours as well as the riches.

Head back to where you first originally turned left to the bridge but instead this time go right down to the centre of the camp there will be some goblins kill the first group as well as the 2nd group. To the right of the 2nd group by the railroad tracks (North -West on compass) there is a pass follow it. Look towards the south at some bushes and supplies, go through the bush for your last treasure!

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