Russian Fishing 4 – Guide to Match Rod Fishing after Carp

In this guide we will go through every essential part of fishing after carp, such as Rod, Reel, Hooks, Leader’s, Waggler’s, Tactics, Feeding.

Match Rod Fishing After Carp

We will start this guide with going through the options on reel’s. To start carp fishing you need a decent reel to handle the big carps, and the big rushes they can pull out.

There is a limited option on this matter, and i’ll go through each and everyone of them that most people are known to.

The Caliber

The Caliber is the first reel that you should aim for overall. It has the best early drag you can ask for, and combined with a decent rod you are all set to handle atleast the majority of carps.

There is a option for this reel at level 18, but since you can’t use any decent rod at level 18 I would not recommend to buy that reel.

The Tagara 10000

This reel is a well known Carp Reel for most angler’s in this game. It has a big spool and can handle any trophy carp that exist in the game. Combined with a well balanced setup you can pretty much hoist them in. If you have no intentions to fish Sturgeons I would stop at this reel, and focus on getting the best Match rods.

The Venga 100000

This is the best reel you can get your hands down. With this reel and a Monster Match 440, you can fight anything from Carps to Sturgeons. Big sized spool to equip heavy lines with, so you can fight most of the fishes that exist.

As you could see there isn’t that much options regarding reels for Carp’s. There is plenty of reels to buy, but focusing on landing at the Tagara after the HSV is the most effective way.

This next section is regarding the Match Rod. There is isn’t that many rods availble, but they aren’t that expensive after all. You can get away with a good setup for around 7.000 silver. But we will get to that later.


The Falcon Match 390

This rod is the first rod of the options you have, a load capacity of 42.6KG. So with this combined with a HSV you can begin your journey after the Carps. The price isn’t that hefty for it, but the next rod is close to it, but requires two more levels to use. But the price tag is only slightly higher with 1.000 silver.

The Rebellion Match 420H

This rod is a great option and will serve you for a long period of time.

It has alot of good bonuses to increase the bite rate, and decent load capacity of 41.2KG so you will be able to fight thoose bigger blue tag carps.

It only cost around 1.000 more silver then the Falcon Match, so my recommendation is to aim for this one first, if you have alot saved up.

I myself still use theese rods on multiple occasions.

The Plasma Match 420

This is a good rod to withstand the most highest of the blue tag carp’s that exist. Slighty different in the + skill bonuses, but with a larger load capacity of 54KG.

It’s a great option on your way to the Monster Match Rods.

The Monster Match 440

This is the best rod you can get your hands on right now. Heavy load capacity of 65KG, and combined with a Venga you can fight sturgeons with them.

Multiple bonuses on both of the Carp rigs avaible to us on the Match Rod section. But if you have no intention to fight sturgeons on float, then skip theese rods and aim for Plasma/Rebellions.

Another big section of this matter is the choice of hooks.

There is a difference of choosing the right hook, and to present the bait with them. I’ll show you the choices I use depending on what type of rig im using.

Carp Hair Rig

When I tend to use the Hair Rig on a Match Rod, I always lean towards the Etalon Mugga S6. It’s sharp and has good hooking and presentation.

Carp Pop-up Rig

When you tend to use the Pop-up Rig combined with a Pop-up bait, then this my go to hook. The Zenith/Mugga Hook S1. The describtion of the hook states that it’s best suited for pop-up rigs.

It also is very strong and has been working great under my time of fishing.

Worth Mentioning

If you want to use bigger hooks, then the Large 1 hooks. Then this is the hooks I use to aim at the most biggest carps, but be aware that it might slow down your bite rate by alot.

They can go up to 4/0 size and are the ones im using when float fishing after Sturgeon. But can be used for Carp Fishing aswell.


There is 3x of length’s that i mainly use. 20 cm, 40 cm, and 60 cm. The 20 cm I use when i fish really shallow areas, for example below 1m depth.

40 cm I use mainly on smaller fishes, perhaps Breams/Tench.

60 cm is the leader length i use on Carp Fishing, to avoid spooking the fish.

But there is a downside to the different length’s.

  • Short Leader’s are great for hooking the fish, but it also has a higher chance of spooking of fish. Specially the most cautios fish species. But it also has a higher chance of auto hooking itself.
  • Longer Leader’s has great reduction of spooking the fish from taking your bait, but it also has a harder chance of hooking the fish, and it will RARELY auto hook itself with longer leader’s.
  • Braided Leader’s are great resistance to the fish head shakes and also very stiff. Very Robust so to speak, but visible to fish.
  • Fluorocarbon leader’s, thanks to its zero visibility in the water, is indispensable when fishing cautious fish. It’s also has a fairly high damage resistance compared to other’s.

I have never used Nylon line as a leader, as it’s not as stiff as the other’s are. You also want some stiffness when fighting big fish to resist the big head shakes, but also be able to put pressure on the fish to avoid it from racing away.

The Waggler’s

The Silver Fish Total Cast 932-120

This Waggler’s is one of the best for both long distance casting and mid range fishing. It also has a bigger weight, the 932-140. The weight on the other option is 14g, but i’m only using this when casting further then 35m.

The Pomor VK-14

This Waggler was only availble during Christmas Event. Theese Waggler’s are really bright during night time, wich means you can easily see them even on greater distances.

Theese Waggler’s came with 8G/12G/14G and if you get a chance to get them, buy them but don’t loose them.


The most important choice when going after Carp is location, and activity. The next step is to figure out the bait they are using. For this I tend to use the discord channels that I have availble. Ask around what people have been using lately, but also check the weeklys.

When you approach a new bait, it’s time to figure out a good dry mix to combine with the bait that is being used.

The mix should always contain some additives that you are using as a main bait.

For example, if you are fishing with Tutti Frutti. This is how I would create a dry mix, you can also mix in some corn that are a well known Carp bait.


Another crucial part of Match Rod fishing is chosing the depth. When you fish after carp you want to fish close to the bottom as possible. But how can you know the depth?

We’ll here is were the Marker Rod comes into play. Knowing the depth of the area you are fishing is crucial when picking a spot. Cast out on different angles on the spot, so you know if there is a difference to the bottom, if it’s going up and down or if it stays the same. You always add the length of the leader to the depth and here is an example. If the marker says 2.35 and you have a 60 cm leader length, then you should choose 2.95 as depth, you multiple the marker depth with the length of your leader.

Marker Rod Setup


As mentioned before, always use a dry mix that contains particles and additives that you are using as your bait/boilie/pellet.

Use Spod and GB/Cobras

You can also use a combined mix with bait and groundbait. For example you can use a 5 portion spod and throw out, combined with a throw of a Cobra/Slingshot containing the boilie you are using.


  • 5 Portion Spod mix thrown out.
  • 5 Boilies with one single Cobra throw.
  • 5 Groundbait balls, containing the same setup as the dry mix, spread around in the area you are fishing.

By doing this you also bring in the fish that are in the edges of your fishing area.

You can also throw out the 5 Portion Spod/SPOMB five times, since you don’t want to overfeed, and I never go over 20 portions. Then you wait depeding on the durtation of the mix

The Cobra’s im using are Legacy Throwing Stick S-25/M-25

The Slingshots are Simmons Catapult FB/SF

Spod Setup

You can variate the different method’s on how you want to deliever the mix. SPOMB opens up as it hits the water, for more precise feeding. The SPOD creates an with a dust cloud with particles that lures the fish into your swim.

And this conclude the guide.

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