SailSim – Guide to Storyline Guidelines

There is some logic behind the progression of the story in SailSim. This guide should clear few things up for everyone.

Storyline Guidelines

General Rules

SailSim has a small story which unfolds as you progress. I thought of describing the logic behind it for everyone so there is no confusion.


The main story and its description is visible in the “Adventures” section of the simulator. There is a book image on top of the adventures with the name “Atlantis”

In this section each progression of the story becomes visible and can be read. Along with the story sections there is a slight hint of the Achievement which will be given or which is close by to the progression itself.


Story progression is achieved by collecting “Story Like Bottles” which are scattered throughout the levels of the simulator. These bottles are different from all other objects in SailSim and cannot be mistaken for anything else. Each Story description gives a hint on where the next “Bottle” can be found.

For the story to unfold, these items must be collected in sequence as the next one won’t appear until you got the one before it.

Some levels have one story token, other levels have more. It is important to read each story progression to get an idea of where the next one is.


Once you collect your story “Bottle” a Cut-scene will appear with several events prompted. The Achievement “Atlantis” will also progress in percentage as the main story progression indicator. When the whole story is completed, “Atlantis” should be at 100%.

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