Serial Cleaner – Workaround for Broken Achievements

Finished the game and the counters for some of the achievements stopped working? Maybe this workaround can help you with that.

Before You Start

Unfortunately this is not a proper fix, but it’s an alternative if you are trying to unlock every achievement for this game.

You have to delete your save file from your computer and the Steam cloud. The downside of doing this is not only that you have to start over, but the counter for every achievement will reset. This means if you are stuck with 5 out 15 newspapers read, in order to unlock this achievement you will have to read 15 newspapers from now on. After deleting your save file the counter will be stuck at 5 until you have read the 6th newspaper. That’s how you will know if this is working.

So, my advice is that you finish the game first and then try this solution. If the counters are stuck hopefully it’s for the easier achievements, but if it is for Moviegoer (Complete all movie-themed bonus contracts) that means you will have to play the whole game again.

How Do You Delete Your Save File

First you want to disable the cloud saves. To do that just right click the game in your library, then click on “Properties‚Ķ”. A new window will pop up, there you have to click the “General” tab in case you are not there already and uncheck the box for “Keep games saves in the Steam Cloud for Serial Cleaner”.

Now you have to delete the save file from your PC. Paste this address in the File Explorer and then press Enter:

  • %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\iFun4all\Serial Cleaner\

There you will find a file named “data.sav”. You could create a backup and then delete it or just delete it if you don’t need it any more.

What to Do Next?

Now you can start the game again. Yay!? If you are missing Well Informed, TV and Chill, Tuned In or Mommy’s Little Boy. You could start the second contract, interact with the four options then go back to the main menu and do it again 15 times.

If you are missing I Can See Clearly Now or Nocturnal, you can start an “endless cleaning” challenge for the first chapter, 20 daytime contracts and 20 night-time contracts. Just start the challenge, pause the game, main menu then restart 20 times each.

If you are missing Body Removal Service you could start an “endless cleaning” challenge for the second contract (found it easier and less boring compared to the first contract) and dispose of 150 bodies.

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