Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem – Possible Fix for Crashing at Launch for Potato PCs

Possible Fix

If you’re a owner of a old ass potato PC (such as myself; A proud GT 730 user), and are having trouble launching the game because:

  • You’re getting a disclaimer saying your PC does not match the minimum requirements to run the game, Run Anyway?
  • You select yes.
  • You are greeted with a grey / black screen.
  • Shortly after, the game crashes with the follow crash reporter.

If this is the case, I have a fix that MIGHT possibly work:

The Fix

  • Right click on Serious Sam Siberian Mayhem.
  • Go to properties.
  • In General tab, you’ll find a Launch options area.

Add the following in the launch option section.

  • +gfx_strAPI D3D12

And if that didn’t work, then:

  • +gfx_strAPI Vulkan

For me, the first command worked, but only after trying to use it for the second time. So if one doesn’t work the first time around, try the other one, then come back to the first one again.

Hope this works for you.

At the lowest settings, SS: SM works well on the lowest settings at 1024×768.

Just make sure you’re on the lowest settings and Prebaked Lightings is enabled.

Also, Do Not Change Graphics API From Inside The Game!

Leave it at custom.

Written by C0ALMiner

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