Sexy Mystic Survivors – Beginners Tips

Here some useful tips for newcomers.

Early Game Tips for New Players

  • When you start the game, your first priority is to collect 6 random weapons and 6 random passive items to do new unlocks, which are important.
  • In general, always aim to unlock new achievements, since those are also unlock new characters and items.
  • For character unlocks & scenes check this guide.
  • Get 2000 Gold in one game to unlock map (ESC button) and then clear 3 Shrines (Star-shaped symbols on map) to unlock Banish feature, so you can erase useless weapons from the list.
  • Completely ignore & avoid relics if you didn’t unlock reroll feature for them. You may be forced into a choice that you will strongly regret. Just do the 3 Relics for achievements unlock first. 15-minute mark mini-boss also drop a Relic, so be aware.
  • Evolved Lamp will be your first important Boss Killer / Elite Killer weapon, so don’t pass on it.
  • Your main priority is always rush to the evolutions, so make always a priority to level up those.
  • For weapon evolution you only need Level 8 weapon and Level 1 corresponding passive item. Then just pick a chest.
  • You can’t evolve multiple weapons at once, so even if you open up a chest with 5 items, only one will evolve.
  • Bosses are stupid, use energy shield weapon for survivability and run in circles/dodge projectiles.
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