Sherlock Holmes Chapter One – All Locks Locations

Please note: all credit goes to sylviastuurman!

Here, I show the locks that can be found in the game, along with their location and the line they display whe you clivk on them.

Ultimate Locks Guide

The Locks and Their Locations

The thing is to remain sober for at least today

Location: The side street to the right (up North) from Wiggings Street, in the North of Miner’s End. When you’re almost at Carpenter Street, you see a standing beam with this lock.

Tomorrow, today will become yesterday

Location: in Mier’s End, there is a side street from Lestrade Street, slightly south of Soot Lane. At the end of that side street, you find the lock at a wooden house.

Can be opened in two weeks, but I wouldn’t

Location: in Scaladio, from Bull road (in the west), a bit north from where the tiny unnamed path close to the water joines the road, you can climb the stairs to get on the balcony of a house. There, you find the lock attached to the balustrade.

Dulcimer go BRRR! Piano go BAM BAM!

Location: Old City, corner of Bakery Street and Eagle Street, attached to a wagon.

Thanks to those who were close

Location: Scaladio, go down to the right from Disrael Street (in the east, between the two bridges to the Old City). There, you can reach the balcony of a house. The lock is attached to the balustrade.

Shout-out USGB!

Location: Old City, from Kings Road, take the path between the houses. Go to the right, and see the lock attached to stairs.

Coca is not a drug

Location: Miner’s End. There is an unnamed path that runs below Harbour Avenue. When you walk this path to the south, you can go to the river south of Harbour Avenue. There, you find the lock attached to a house above the water.

Love in every firefly. Olga Angelova

Location: Silverton, south-east. Near the pier most north, there is a horse wagon. The lock is attached to the wagon.

Burned out during renovation

Location: Old City, at the crossing between Vizier Road and Khartum Road, attached to a lamp post.

Release me

Location: Old City. There is a tiny connection between Medrese Street and Sesame Street. Somewhere there, attached to a door between some other leftovers, is the lock.

Frogwares is 21! here’s to many more years of production and making great games together! Olya

Location: Grand Saray, the point south-east, attached to the balustrade.


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