Skinwalker Hunt – How to Get the Secret Ending (Chernobyl Forest Map)

This one is for the chads out there who are willing to pull off something that cannot be done easily in order to grab the ending which does not include dying, or killing the Skinwalker.

Guide to Get the Secret Ending


Alright hot men and average looking women, it’s time to get your greasy lil mits on the new ending that I have discovered in this awesome sauce game. Unfortunately there is no achievement for doing this which is a huge ass bummer as I would’ve expected a medal for pulling this off as well as having the BALLS to pull it off, let alone simply sharing this information with you all.

Finding the Location Needed

Thankfully, in this map they shove a comedically Red Cross on the main road to show you where the ambulance is which is awesome for you guys, but not so much for the man I killed last Tuesday, as he did not have the map to see where health was (What a Noob).

Arriving to the Destination

After you’ve rocked up to the Function, you’ll see what the Heaven’s had brought to your blessed soul that you can only get here in the UK in real life, Free Healthcare. In the form of a sleek ass ambulance. You cannot miss it unless you’re blind or you are American and just die instead of paying 40k for a ride to the hospital.

Making Sure You’re Loaded

Now look, we both know that you’ll need ammo in this game, but you are going to need ammo for this segment in order to pass the last step in order to get the secret ending for this map. Please make this an achievement I mean like come on man.

Having a full mag is always a good idea, but remember that switching is faster than reloading, that is if you got the shotgun.

Pulling Off the Final Step

This is it, you made it.


As a conclusion to what you just witnessed.

After partaking in a little bit of trolling, the medical people ♥♥♥ their ♥♥♥ pants as you shoot a stray bullet into their dumb car. As a result they put that ♥♥♥ into fifth gear and speed outta there, running for their stupid NPC lives as if they got other ♥♥♥♥ to do besides be the equivalent of the Nurse from Terraria.

That’s right, you sacrifice your own well-being out in this radioactive wasteland in order to hunt down a Skinwalker, and this is how they treat their guest, no, their saviour. You can’t even kill them as they’re locked away in the back of the van going at it until you knock on the door every now and then for a cheeky jab of that zaza to get health back.

Those lucky pricks knew that they were safe in there as Skinwalkers can’t go in man-made structures such as their repainted mystery machine.

As stated before, I wish this accomplishment was presented to us with an update that either gives us an achievement, or so there is someone in the front seat so that I know I didn’t just waste a bullet on nothing but sheer public panic.

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