Sokpop S02: Spider Ponds – Tips and Tricks

An overview of the controls, and a bit of advice for getting through this short game.

Basic Controls

Mouse: You have to click on the cocoon a couple times to start, after that clicking and holding will make the spider move towards the cursor along a path, while suspended on web this can be used to swing towards other paths to make connections. The better fed you are, the better you can swing.

Mouse Wheel: While suspended on web, this will expand or retract the web, retracting to nothing will put you back on the path the web connected to.

X: Suspend yourself on web, or while already suspended on web and intersecting another path, connect the web to said path.

Tips & Tricks

Movement Precision:

To keep the spider moving exactly in the direction you want, including turning from one path to another, try to keep the cursor close to the spider at all times.


If both ends of a web connect to existing web paths, a ‘sticky’ web, is created. This sticky web can trap flies which are flying around. If you walk over a fly, you will hear a sucking noise, and after a second or two of being stuck in place, you will have eaten the fly, and move faster. It takes 3 flies to reach full strength from no strength, but over time your strength will drain and you’ll need to feed again. You can’t pass over a fly while hungry and not feed, so be careful if you’re trying to run away.

Sticky Web Setups:

I gravitated towards two sticky web setups. The more robust z-type setup (though I did it backwards in the screenshot), involves making two parallel web connections, two parallel sticky web connections on those webs, and then a sticky web connecting the sticky webs. It requires a little more setup, but also has better mobility and area coverage.

The x-type is easier to set up, making two parallel webs, and two ‘crossing’ sticky webs. It’s faster to set up, but doesn’t have quite the same coverage, and bit more limited mobility, as you can’t ‘switch paths’ where the sticky webs intersect.

Bare in mind when implemented in terrain the actual ‘letter’ part wont always look so clear, all that really matters is that both setups have multiple layers of sticky web, especially for the final fight.

Quick Escapes:

Assuming you’re eating to keep your strength up, if you need to make a quick getaway, making a web, and quickly expanding the length of the web while swinging towards another path can help quickly gain distance, avoid paths that will lock you into eating, or get out of dead ends.

Eliminating the Competition:

Simply have an enemy spider chase you into the frog’s range, and hope the frog grabs the enemy instead of you. Easiest way to do this is with ‘quick escape’ tactics, getting the spider to chase you down to the frog’s level. If you die in the process you’ll respawn but enemy spiders that get eaten wont, so it’s worth it to get rid of any spider that’s consistently giving you trouble, just to save yourself the headache of dealing with them.

Beating the Game:

Towards the end of the game you’ll encounter the fairy again, around a big tree and some ‘Y’ shaped wooden posts. Get too far to the right and the final battle will begin, if you die once the fight has started you’ll have to restart from the beginning, so make sure you make some sticky webs around the tree/sprout/cattail to lure the fairy back into, the more the better, both because you’ll want to be fully fed to move quickly in the fight, but also because you have to trap the fairy in a web and eat them (then go to the far right and hit x at the indicated spot) to win.

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