Songs of Conquest – How to Edit the Save File (Stats, Skills/Powers, Levels)

Guide to Edit the Save File (Stats, Skills/Powers, Levels)

Editing Hero Skills

  1. Find your save file, usually at:
  2. Open the file in Notepad++
  3. Search for your hero name. E.g. “Gnaw”.
  4. Scroll along to the right a bit until you see the following: {\”Skill\”:12,\”Level\”:3}

This is your ‘Skill’ Section. Skill 12 is your ‘Command’ skill, it is at level 3 when you start.

There are two [] brackets to show the whole section. With { , } to separate each skill.

So if you wanted to have Level 1 Arcana Magic, Level 1 Chaos Magic and Level 3 Command:


Important: You can break the file easily here, make sure you use the format:

[skill 1, skill 2, skill 3, skill 4, skill 5, skill 6]
  • Skill 1: Melee
  • Skill 2: Archery
  • Skill 3: Cunning
  • Skill 4: Guard
  • Skill 5: Combat Training
  • Skill 6: Breaks the game (do not use)
  • Skill 7: Arcana Magic
  • Skill 8: Chaos Magic
  • Skill 9: Creation Magic
  • Skill 10: Random Skills and Powers

Editing Hero Stats

Keep scrolling right past the Skills section and find the following:


Simply change the values. Enjoy!

Editing Hero Level

Edit the following line directly after your hero name:


Replace with whichever number you want.

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