Soundfall – How to Turn On the Metronome

A short and simple guide on how to turn on the metronome, for everyone who has problems with keeping the beat.

Guide to Turn On the Metronome

What Is a Metronome and Why Do I Want It?

A metronome is a device that produces regular, metrical ticks. It’s a great tool for those who start making music or anyone who has problems with keeping the beat. Especially when a song is very calm with no clear beat, a metronome is a very big help.

How to Turn On the Metronome

Soundfall has a built in metronome, which comes in three different settings. You just go to the audio options menu and choose what helps you the most.

  • Never – That’s the default setting.
  • Always – The metronome is always active, from the start to the finish of the song.
  • After no recent on-beat input – The metronome will just activate when you miss beats.
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