Space Gladiators – Useful Tips

General Tips for Beginners

General Tips

  • You can hit an item on the ground to move it.
  • Devil Rooms take away Armor before Max HP.


  • Vampirism will save your life more often than you’d think, especially in arenas.
  • Theft is stronger than it seems.
  • Outfits can be protected by gaining more armor. An outfit will only be lost when you lose every point of your total Armor. The outfit’s current armor points are still deducted when you take damage though, so if you’ve got 10 Armor but your current outfit has 0 armor points left, then you might want to look for a new outfit with unspent armor points.
  • Metal Scrapping is great for protecting outfits. A vertical yellow bar next to your HP shows how many hits you are towards gaining your next +1 Armor.


  • Unlike other games that use items a lot (eg. Binding of Isaac), there are no OP items. Nearly everything is situational and depends on your current build, which depends on both your character, and on the items you’ve already collected. And in the end, you’ll only get further by gaining experience and increasing your personal skill, rather than finding particular items.
  • Nearly every item has a trade-off. Items that give you a flat increase with no penalty are rare. Your choice of items often depends on what you can afford to sacrifice.
  • When you’re starting out, Shields are amazing, especially against bosses. Their major downside is that, unlike most other Defensive Abilities, they don’t have an associated Perk that makes them more powerful. As you gain more experience, and take damage less often, the strengths of the other Defensive Abilities will become more apparent.


  • Look at the enemies, not just the perks. You might find an amazing perk (like Strong Bones), but a good perk is rarely worth losing most of your HP and Armor. Especially for later arenas, prioritise your chance of survival over good perks.


  • Gladiator is a great all-rounder. Their average stats mean you can create any kind of build around them, depending on what you find.
  • Patato is great for learning. They’re weak, but can keep you alive long enough to get to grips with new enemies, rooms, and bosses. They’re probably the best character for reaching the second area for the first time (which unlocks Robbie).
  • Robbie is one of the hardest of all the characters. They have an angled attack, and their health is based entirely on armor. If you last more than 5 minutes in your first few runs with them, then you’re doing well!
  • Babouk is rated as “medium” but they’re one of the easiest characters, due to their spear attack’s long range, and very high vampirism.
  • Voubi is tough to get the hang of, and always starts off weak, due to low base stats. Their strength depends on you getting enough hits to acquire clones without losing them. When you do, they can snowball to become very powerful… until you face a difficult room and lose most of your clones, then it’s back to being weak again! That’s just how Voubi goes.
  • Butcher is strong, but hard to use due to their very short range. You’ll slaughter everything quickly in the first few rooms, but their literal shortcomings become more noticeable as you progress further. Getting and using a good Offensive Ability is important here, to make use their very high base Technology stat.
  • Zombide is listed as “easy”, and generally, they are… but be prepared to do a lot of mental math as you work out which stats you can afford to sacrifice in the next arena!
  • Pepilon is awesome. They’re stupidly hard and stupidly fun.
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