Spellbook Demonslayers – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


What are some of the new features that will come during Early Access?

  • New maps with more gameplay mechanics.
  • New spells and auras.
  • New enemy types with more varied mechanics.
  • Endgame progression system & challenges.
  • Plus more features to be announced in the future.

Where can I leave suggestions?

  • The best place to leave suggestions is in a review, but feel free to also post them on Discord or the forums.


How can I do better in the game?

  • Evolved spells are much stronger than regular spells, it can often be helpful to rush a powerful evolved spell early in the run, and then picking some auras that work well with it.

What are the recommended difficulty settings?

  • Any combination is viable, but I recommend starting with Enemy Frequency. This gives you more enemies that all drop regular amounts of EXP, meaning as long as you can keep up with the increased regular enemies you will be at higher power level than before compared to all the elite enemies.

How am I gonna reach lvl 125+ for the achievements if the lvl cap is 100?

  • You can raise level cap at the smuggler.

What actually ends the “timed challenge” option?

  • Killing the last elite, faster u kill extras the faster u get there, I did it at like 30 mins.

How to get alot of active buffs at once?

  • There’s an aura that gives buff duration, get it, max it, the illegal upgrade that spawns two elites instead of one can help a bit since there are more chances for shrine summoners.

How can I change 3th character starting ability to cursor?

  • In the option menu you can change “aimed” behaviour. Ghost bullet however can not be aimed.

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