Spore – Space Stage Guide

This is a guide for beginners, new to Space Stage and unable to execute wars or get sporebucks effectively.


Equipment Glitch / Spice Duplication

This glitch impacts a lot due to how colonies in Space Stage allow you to make many colonies on pink and purple spice colonies. This video also shows the spice duplication glitch, though more people may think it’s cheating.

Frequent Flyer “Glitch”

You can get every Frequent Flyer badge, and thus the tools that come with it by doing this, “Glitch”. To start, when you can first leave the solar system you take no energy drain from moving between solar systems. You can exploit this by moving between the systems 800 or so times, getting all 5 Frequent Flyer badges without having to recharge.

Your First Colonies / Colony

Placing Your First Colonies/Colony

If you did the colony duplication glitch, you should look for pink/purple spice planets. These almost always only appear on blue stars, so to make it more efficient it’s best to look at those systems.

However, for the people that haven’t done the glitch, the same strategy stands. The only difference is that you will only have one colony instead of many.

Don’t worry about making a colony on a different planet then the tutorial prompts you to, it will still complete the mission. This is the same for the terraforming missions.


This is mostly the same as placing your colonies. If you duplicated the terraforming gear, terraform as many purple and pink spice colonies as possible. If you didn’t duplicate your equipment, simply terraform one of your purple/pink spice colonies.


Colonies are the most important thing in space stage. It gives spice, quite obviously and especially if you have an expensive spice colony. But if you get the Colonist badges, it unlocks very important weapons, like the Bomb, Justa Bomb, and Mega Bomb. These badges also unlock various other terraforming and war equipment, making it a top priority. This can all be easily supplied, if you have the right spices.


Allies are useful mostly due to the fact their shops are much more generous then the player’s empire. It’s best to get a few allies of different philosophies, especially warriors to trade with.

Ally other empires by doing missions for them or using the Happy Ray.

Decoy War

Wars are actually pretty useful. Whenever the AI is at war with you, they randomly send spaceships to sometimes attack your colonies. This is great, because by defending them you get progress for the Body Guard badge. This badges is EXTREMELY good, because of how it unlocks proton missiles, a good weapon against ships.

Just to clarify, if you declare this, “Decoy War” do not try to actually destroy their capital but instead let them kamikaze you. You can destroy their colonies when you get the Bomb to make sure their empire strength* doesn’t go higher.

Empire strength is the number on a star that appears whenever you hover your cursor over an empire’s ship. It determines how strong their ships are and depends on the size of the empire.

Making Quick Cash

At the beginning of the game, you won’t have enough to make a fully maxed out purple/pink spice colony.

Here are two ways to offset this problem:

1: Artifacts

These are best not farmed, and instead collected whenever looking at solar systems, or doing missions. By going into a planet with yellow radio signals coming off of it, there is a good chance you will stumble upon an artifact. Usually, you will get artifacts that sell between 40,000 and 100,000 but there can be more expensive or cheaper ones.

2: Missions

You can either do missions from your colonies, or aliens. Missions are not only easy to do, but they give progress to a couple badges. These usually fetch a bit under 100,000. Just make sure not to accept any conquering missions.

Going to War


When one of your colonies is making good money, and when you have unlocked the Bomb and Proton Missile, buy them both. You should get health and energy storage, as well as their respective packs.


When you go into enemy territory, if it is a colony, just go and bomb their cities with your Bomb. But if it’s the home planet, land on the planet and destroy all the ships with the Proton Missile, destroy a couple cities with the Bomb, and then go back to recharge and repeat.

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