SpunkStock: Music Festival – Ultimate Modifiers Guide (How They Work)

In this guide I will give specifics on how each modifier works. Contains hidden values the game does not tell you and values that the game is wrong about. Huge thanks to the developer for providing some of the values.

Guide to Ultimate Modifiers

1 Star Modifiers (White)

These modifiers do not increase your reputation multiplier.

Sap – increases progress on “hit” and “perfect” by 50%, increases passive progression decay by 50%.

  • Each subsequent Sap increases the bonus by 50% so 3 Sap increases progression on “hit” and “perfect” by 150% total.
  • Each subsequent Sap increases passive progression decay by 50% in the same way.
  • Applies separately from Needle.

Needle – increases progression on “perfect” by 75%, reduces progression on “hit” by 25%.

  • Each subsequent Needle increases the bonus by 75% of the previous value.
  • Applies separately from Sap.

Retribution – if you would fail a performance, instead set the progress bar to 25% and grants a few white modifiers (sap, needle, barrier, guardian and perception) but you lose half of your score muliplier.

  • (Hidden value) also adds 150% to the “perfect” threshold which increases multiplicatively.
  • Bonuses earned from “fail” do not carry to next round during gauntlet.

Perception – adds a 20% chance to “critical” when getting a perfect hit.

  • “Critical” hits have 100% increased progression.
  • Each subsequent Perception modifier increases the chance to get a “critical” hit by 10%.
  • Applies after all other modifiers, such as Sap and Needle.

Ritual – every 40 perfect hits grants you a random white or grey modifier.

  • Each subsequent Ritual decreases the number of perfect hits required by 15%.
  • Lowest this number can reach is 1.

Glass – increases the perfect hit area by 25%, upon getting a “hit” “miss” “overclick” or hitting a mine the perfect hit area shatters reducing the perfect hit area by 50%

  • Each subsequent Glass increases the perfect hit area by an additional 25% (stacking multiplicatively).
  • After breaking Glass you can recover its size, however the increase is very small per modifier.

Yin & Yang – grants 1 random white modifier (cannot be glass) for each gold and red modifier you have or gain.

  • Each subsequent Yin & Yang has a 50% chance to give an additional modifier per gold and red modifier.

Guardian – adds a passive 25% chance to ignore “miss” and “overclick”.

  • Each subsequent Guardian increases the 25% chance by 25% exponentially (3 guardian is approximately a 54.06% chance).
  • Ignored “miss” and “overclick” do not gain you progression.

Barrier – the next “hit” will count as a “perfect” then the modifier disappears.

  • Cannot be stacked, however once one is used, a new one may be applied.

Stamina – reduces passive progression decay by 50%.

  • Each subsequent Stamina reduces passive progression decay by 50% of the decay rate when applied.

Blast – clears the track of all notes counting all of them as perfect hits, lasts for 2 seconds.

Seer – reduces reroll price by 50%.

  • Each subsequent Seer reduces the cost of reroll by 50%.
  • Can reach 0 cost at around 9 Seer.

2 Star Modifiers (Grey)

These modifiers increase your reputation multiplier by 0.2.

Tempo up – increases the bpm of the song by 15%.

  • Songs with higher starting bpm (highest is Ruth at 180bpm) have more drastic increases.
  • Each subsequent Tempo up increases the bpm by an additional 15%.
  • (The tooltip in game is incorrect).

Nitro – clears the track of notes and moves the hit area up ~20% of the track.

  • Each subsequent Nitro moves the hit area up by an additional.
  • Cannot move the area further up than ~90% of the track.
  • As with blast, notes will not spawn for 2 seconds.

Mine – mines have a 25% chance to spawn on the track, hitting a mine will count as a “miss” and deals extra damage to your progression (500% “miss” damage).

  • Each subsequent Mine increases the damage additively to your progression hitting a mine does by 100% (3 mines means 1500% “miss” damage).
  • (Hidden value) passive progression decay is reduced by 25%.

Whip – increases damage to progression caused by overclicking, missing or hitting a mine by 75%.

  • Each subsequent Whip increases the damage by an additional 75%.
  • (Tooltip is wrong here too).

Mini – reduces note size by 20%.

  • Each subsequent Mini reduces the note size by an additional 20%.
  • This effects hit detection as well.
  • Minimum size notes can be is 40% base size.
  • (Hidden value) “perfect” area increase 10% and passive progression decay increase 10%.

3 Star and 4 Star Modifiers (Gold and Red)

These modifiers are all unable to be stacked with themselves. In other words you cannot get more than one of each of these modifiers in a single performance.

  • Gold modifiers increase your reputation multiplier by 0.5.
  • Red modifiers increase your reputation multiplier by 1.0.

Double – causes a second note track to appear from the right size of the screen. Notes will appear on the right side but will be on the off-beat (in between the normal notes).

  • All modifiers applied to the first track will also be applied to the second track.
  • (Hidden value) passive progression decay is double current value.

Fission – notes in the off-beat have a 25% chance to spawn.

  • While the notes appear smaller they have the same “perfect” area as the larger notes.

Hold – causes notes to sometimes become “hold” notes where you must hold down the key until the note is finished for the note to count.

  • If a hold note lasts more than one beat, it will count all notes within it as part of the progression.
  • If the hold note is a critical, it will count the entire hold as a critical for progression.
  • If the hold note is let go early you will gain progression for the initial hit, but lose progress for the hold portion.

Ghost – as you gain a longer streak of hits, a white mist floats from the bottom of the track obscuring notes as it rises.

  • Getting a “miss” “overclick” or hitting a mine causes the mist to go back down.

Gravity – causes a gravity note to appear every 20 notes, (40 when Double is active) hitting the gravity note will cause the track to immediately and instantly flip upside down.

  • While the track is upside down hitting the gravity note will cause the track to return to normal.
  • The gravity notes otherwise are completely normal notes and must be hit.
  • Gravity notes have priority over any other modifier when it needs to spawn.
  • While the track is upside down the glass modifier icon near the track does not move with the track (may end up being fixed).

4 Star (Red) +1 Rep Multiplier (Cannot Be Stacked)

Doom – any “miss” “missclick” or hitting a mine will instantly cause you to fail the scene.

  • Can be blocked by retribution.
  • Common combinations and what to avoid.

Alright this part is more off the cuff, therefore it’s purely my opinion.

Any combination of any two out of double, fission, and hold can be challenging but in my opinion is quite fun. However i sincerely advise against getting all 3 unless you enjoy chaos in your adult games.

Stacking needles and saps and then adding in a perception or two is one of the fastest ways to get through a song without abusing Retribution (which is completely overpowered)

If you’re having difficulty getting an SS on a song, and you have the pendant, I recommend try starting with Barrier to save your streak from breaking due to one slip up.

Last thing I can think of off the top of my head is avoid Ghost at all costs. It makes the game much harder than it needs to be.

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