STAR WARS Galactic Battlegrounds Saga – How to Run Game in Win 10/11

Run SW Galactic Battlegrounds Saga Windows 10 possible win 11 and other OS.

How to Run Game in Win 10 and Posible Win 11

  • Install game on steam, if you not trust “player” file not run this and skip run when first click game from steam.
  • Run only first time game from steam for install prerequisities files, You can install directplay first if you can:)
  • If game on your system not require administrator previlege install files manually from folder.
  • Right mause click on game library click properties and browse local files.
  • Navigate to folder with game and folder like name is “Game” than run or create desktop shortcut from
  • “Battlegrounds” file app,
  • Now you can play Tutorial, Campaign and custom, (Multiplayer not tested)
  • and skip player file exe.
  • Good luck and maybe peace be with us.

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