STAR WARS Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords – Cupid’s Rifle Achievement

These tips will help you get a Cupid’s Rifle Achievement.


Cupid’s Rifle
Listen to HK-47’s definition of love.

Sounds easy right, it’s not. Over the years while playing the game I’ve heard that conversation about love from HK-47, but I didn’t know what exactly triggers it. Now I finally know, follow these simple tips and you can finally get this achievement.


To get this achievement you need to have Visas and Handmaiden or Disciple in your party. This achievement is easier to get if you are light sided, at least for me it was. First, you need to see the fight on the Ebon Hawk between Handmaiden and Visas, or Disciple and Atton.

To activate this scene you will have to make Handmaiden or Atton jealous. That means that Visas and Disciple need to have higher influence than Handmaiden or Atton, not the other way around.

In my case I’ve activated the fight on the first planet after Telos. After a couple of conversations with Visas, her Influence was higher than Handmaidens, and she got jealous. I returned to the ship and the cutscene activated. I didn’t have all parts collected for HK-47 yet. After I collected all the parts and when he was in my party, then the conversation option appeared on the Ebon Hawk.

It doesn’t matter what your influence with HK-47 is, the conversation option will appear after you witness the fight not before.

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