Streets of Rage 4 – Survival Guide

Full guide with all the info you need for the survival simulation.

Perks Tier List and Description

This is my personal tier list of the perks, they are thinked in general and not for a specific build or character:

Tier SBloodthirst, Tactical support, Defense up, Electric blitz and special, Heat of the battle, Old school, Ground rules.

Bloodthirst, pretty much the most important perk of all, not matter what character or build you try to do, this is a must perk you need always. This perk is going to make you dont heal anymore with food but you gain the hability to recover a percentage of life with all your attacks, including the rockets from the star.

Tactical support, this one is useful for all characters, you are going to need it for survive in higher stages, with each perk or rockets you get, you are going to have rockets that drop every time you use a star (you begin with 4, then 8, 12, 15, 17 and 18), it only have a few exceptions where you need to make a direct hit with specific stars or the rockets are not going to trigger.

Defense up, this perk is going to reduce permanently all the damage you get (Begin with 10% then 15%, 20% and -25%), thats why is so important, is not going to save you from some red enemies in the higher stages but without it you can die in a few hits even in average stages.

Electric blitz and special, Both of them are a must if you have a heat of the battle build, since you get much more hits with this perks, you can reach ridiculous big combos with a few movements and kill in 1 hit all the enemies while using heat of the battle, plus they stun all the enemies close to you.

Heat of the battle, this perk is a must if you want to reach the maximum stage possible, what it does is that reduce your damage by 90% but you gain 2% with every hit you have at that moment, that means if you can hold a combo for a long time, then you are going to be destroying everything in 1 second.

Old school, this perk reduce your defensive special usage by 40% but you lose permantly the cost of every special you use, this one combined with the extra perk of special reduction can reduce up to 70% of your specials and are a must if you want a better time in higher stages.

Ground rules, this perk is going to permantly remove your jumps, but you gain +15% of defense, attack and speed, this perk is important mostly because of the extra defense, the attack and speed are a good plus too.

Tier AHey buddy, Damage up, Speed up, Last hurrah and survival instinct, Special usage reduction.

Hey buddy, you gain a buddy that respawn in every stage, from a simple Galsia until a Barbon! this perk can rank up to level 4, buddy level 1 and 2 are useless, unless you want to get a golden weapon to a Galsia or a Donovan, then you can get a golden weapon for free at every stage, but the most important is have at least a buddy level 3, having a extra target in the stage is super helpful.

Damage up, you gain permanent damage with this perk (begin with 10%, then 20%, 30%, 35% and 40%), it can be helpful for either heat of the battle builds or normal builds, since you get the bonus in both ways.

Speed up, you gain permanent speed movement with each perk (begin with +15% then 30%, 45%, 55% and 65%), the nemies are going to be faster the higher stage you reach, so having a faster speed movement is important.

Last hurrah and survival instinct. you are going to get damage no matter what, so having extra damage and defense when you are low in life is a nice plus, you can recover your full life with a single star with the buff or survive a fall in the ring stage under certain circunstances.

Special usage reduction, this perk reduce the ammount of life you use with every special (begin with 10%, then 20%, 25% and 30%), this one combined with old school can be insanely important.

Tier BStar power, Fire heavy attack, blitz and special, Full of yourself, Jump up.

Star power, you gain 3 stars with every perk, since stage 50 is going to be more frequent to receive one of this perks as a choise, and since 60 is going to be present in almost all stages.

Fire heavy attack, blitz and special, add fire at the movement, the fire make a decent damage, stun and also breaks super armor, if you go for a heat of the battle build, then with only 1 of each you are done.

Full of yourself, you gain extra damage when you are at full life (begin with 20%, then 40%, 55% and 65%), this is mostly helpful if you avoid using heat of the battle, then you are going to need all the damage buffs you can get.

Jump up, adds a extra jump with every perk, work also when you have ground rules, and you can cancel some movements with a single extra jump.

Extra note: poison, electric and fire weapon dont appear in the tier list as a choise, but i put them as Tier B too, with one of each is enough, they add extra damage and stun that can help if you go for a weapon build.

Tier CPoison heavy attack, blitz and special, Weapon durability.

Poison heavy attack, blitz and special, adds poison to the movements, it can be of a small help to have one of each, but they dont really add too much damage, they are an extra that if you can get it better, but if not then not a big deal.

Weapon durability, adds extra durability to all weapons, including golden weapons (begin with 20% then 40%, 55%, 65%), if you go for a weapon build then it can help, but carry weapons can be lethal if you fight donovans or robots that can attack you with your own weapons.

Tier DElectric heavy attack, Glass cannon, Elemental star.

Electric heavy attack, adds electric stun and damage, but also prevent you from pushing enemies with your basic combo, it dont add too much damage (begin with 30%, then 60%, 90% and 100%), and you could hurt yourself if you stun a enemy with super armor close.

Glass cannon, you make double of damage but also receive double of damage, not much to say, is by far the worst perk of all, is only helpful is you are trying to do a speedrun, otherwise is suicide to use it.

Elemental star, Adds all the elemental buffs you have at your star but it makes 50% less damage, unless you have a specific star that can make a decent ammount of hits and help with the perk heat of the battle, then this perk is not the best choise.

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