Succubus Runa and the Erotic Dungeon – How to Fix Installing the R-18 Patch

Some users have reported difficulty installing the game’s R-18 patch. I encountered this same issue and a simple fix for it.

Installing Issue Solution

Troubleshooting Known Issue with R-18 Patch Installation

The process is simple enough.

  • Download the patch from Wasabi’s website (read more in this guide).
  • Unzip the folder.
  • Run the application and follow the instructions.

The problem comes if you are not using your C: drive for your Steam Library. You need to install the patch into the same directory as the game itself, but if your steam library is not in your C: drive and you attempt to navigate there and select the “Succubus Runa and the Erotic Dungeon” folder, you may get an error message.

I was able to fix this in one simple step. Once you have selected the correct file path (Destination drive > SteamLibrary > steamapps > common > Succubus Runa and the Erotic Dungeon), and gotten the error message, double-check the file path. For some reason, attempting to install the patch in a different drive causes the “Succubus Runa and the Erotic Dungeon” file path to be duplicated, causing an error because the file path is now incorrect. Just delete the second instance of “Succubus Runa and the Erotic Dungeon” in the file path and the patch should install correctly.

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