SYNCED – How to Use Dr. Stone

This guide will prove to you that Dr. Stone might arguably be the best runner for PVP.

Guide to Use Dr. Stone


At first glance, he might look a bit boring since his runner skill is a simple healing drone that definitely doesn’t look as cool as Deadcut’s fire grenade or Layla’s ghosting ability; however, looks can be deceiving.

As you level up, you obtain PVP mods from Leah Krause, and at level 30 you will have collected all PVP mods which enables you to create a powerful build.

Since he is able to use medkits faster and gains more health from them, you can combine these abilities with the “Complete Recovery” mod to restore your shield and most of your health with one fast medkit. You can also use the “Survivalist” mod to get medkits from downed players to insure that you won’t run out. His quick medkits are what makes him so powerful, for you can take tons of damage and with one medkit be ready to fight back.

Many people use the “Bloodthirsty Armor” mod which restores your armor when you down someone. This might seem like a good mod for taking down multiple people; however, this isn’t really useful if you take damage first because your chances of knocking someone then are slim. With Dr. Stone however, you can take down entire teams just by knocking someone, quickly healing, and repeating the process. You just have to simply learn when to back up and heal instead of finishing kills.

You can place his healing drone on your downed teammates and continue fighting while the drone revives them, but this will be slower than simply reviving them yourself since he also has the ability to revive teammates faster. If you place your healing drone right before you are downed, it will revive you; however, you or the drone could easily be destroyed before you are finished reviving.


Dr. Stone can still be very useful in PVE, but actually Layla can use her ghosting ability to do as good a job at reviving teammates as he can. Dr. Stone is definitely a lot more powerful when used in PVP.

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