The Backrooms: Survival – How to Survive (Tips and Tricks)

The Backrooms is a scary place. But this guide will give you all the tips and tricks to become the best survivor in the nightmare-filled dimension. offering what to do, where to go, and other things!

Tips and Tricks for Survivors

Getting Started

Every new player will be met with a certain class to choose from, but only some are better than they seem. Some classes like serial killer, cannibal, and athlete may be useful in some places, but not all. preferably, I like the janitor. The janitor class gives you an increased item spawn, which is useful on all levels. But, if you wanna try a different class, go for it! You will start on level zero, met with the ominous hum-buzzing lights. Usually when you start, either the enemies are far away or haven’t spawned in yet. the first items you may find are fruit and cola, you may also find batteries, oil lamp, oil lamp fuel, flashlight, and an axe. make sure to listen for sounds and get used to the environment around you.

Tip: if you feel something isn’t right, turn back!


Anyone can find items. but you may not know what they do, as some have some pretty unknown affects and uses. obviously food and drinks are meant for consumption, Make sure to conserve HOW much you lose. next up are bells, you may find a whistle and bell in a level, its usually best to leave them alone, they call enemies such as dogs and angels. The teddy bear, this is useful for keeping children from attacking you, i think either they leave you alone or will take the teddy bear and become docile. weapons, you may find an axe, a pipe, and a spiked bat, but its in poor condition and will break after a couple of hits. Keys are also very useful for opening safes, doors, and chests. There are healing items such as bandages and med kits. light sources like the oil lamp and flashlight are not needed, but can still be pretty handy in dark rooms.


Sometimes running may not be an option, you equip your axe and charge into battle. But was it the right idea? when in a fight, make sure to have medical supplies with you, so while in a fight, you can heal and get the advantage, otherwise, you may meet a bloody death, try not to pick fights, especially with the minotaurs. Always keep your guard up! winning a fight will get you an achievement called “Demon slayer”.


Statistics tell the player how they’re doing, your health, hunger, and thirst can be located at the bottom left of the screen, your stamina in the bottom middle, and your sanity in the bottom right.


There are many levels in the backrooms. You’ll start on level zero, with the mono yellow walls, pipes, hedge, level fun =), greek mythology, circus, dungeon, underground, and water level. each level will have it’s unigue enemies and features. ladders will bring you up a level, trap doors will bring you down a level, use these if in an emergency. Beware, going back down will not have a ladder waiting for you, be ready to find one if you go back down.

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