The Escort – How to Find the Easter Egg Magazine

In the game it is possible to find an Easter egg magazine that unlocks both the discarded epilogue and the Jen AI Model page in the gallery.

Guide to Find the Easter Egg Magazine


When you are in your room, in the evening of the day after spending the night with Jen, you will have the opportunity to look under your bed to find a lewd magazine, doing so will unlock the alternate epilogue, after the regular one in the current game, and the Jen AI Model page in the image gallery.

Dialogue Choices

Starting from the beginning, you will have to make the following choices:

  • Of course I am over 18. Please, don’t tell my mom. (prologue choice)
  • Yes (names confirmation choice)
  • No way! (timed choice)
  • Yeah… (only choice)
  • The more I think about all this…
  • Where to find the lewd magazine
  • After that, you’ll have to read throughout the story until Josh is in his room worrying for Jen, at this point, between the lines:
  • (She hasn’t arrived yet)
  • [HERE]
  • (She’s not “working”, right?)

You can check under the bed and find the magazine.

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